Althea Philippines Launch Promotion

TGIF, but I’m actually looking forward to Monday. Web-based beauty retailer, Althea Korea has perfect timing in scheduling their grand opening launch on the 15th of February. It’s right after Valentine’s day, and maybe you’re looking to treat yourself to some K-beauty picks. (I know I am.)

To see just what beauty deals are in store for you, click MORE to read the rest of this post.

There are awesome deals to be found on Althea’s opening day. February 15 is when you can get free 300 credits for signing up! For the rest of the month, the minimum purchase amount to avail of free shipping has gone down to PHP 1,000 instead of the usual PHP 1,500. 

Althea promos and deals

Besides the low prices, there will be Daebak Deals 1+1 and Zero Peso Deals, too! Daebak can roughly be translated to mean ‘awesome’, but I personally choose to interpret it as the Filipino word, sulit (great value), or the Singaporean expression, shiok (great feeling). Wouldn’t you agree?


Mark your calendars for Monday, people.

For more info, go to the local Althea Facebook page.


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