Too Cool for School Aqua Gel Mist

I don’t regularly use setting sprays or face fresheners, preferring to go matte finish most of the time. But there are enough special instances I find myself reaching for them that I appreciate having a bottle lying around at home. I’ve been using Too Cool for School Aqua Gel Mist that I received from a friend as a multi-purpose face spray.

Too Cool for School Aqua Gel Mist

Quick Specs: 100 ml ; made in Korea

The Aqua Gel Mist comes in a sturdy plastic spray bottle with notches on the side, presumably to track usage better or to use the spray in measured doses. The sprayer (yes, the button you press to spray) was jammed, so I had to replace it with the spray button from a bottle of disinfectant. It’s working splendidly now, though.

This is the original sprayer, though I’ve already replaced it

Too Cool for School Gel Mist consistency

The consistency of the product is reminiscent of a watered down hair gel, but it turns liquid once sprayed. (See photo below.) The resulting mist isn’t all that fine, admittedly, but it dries into nothingness anyway. When sprayed on the hand, there’s the lightest tacky feel. I don’t perceive the tackiness on the face, unless I spray too much. The scent is a light floral cologne, similar to Laneige Water Bank Skin Refiner.

With two spritzes up close, you can see some tiny gel bits

According to what I’ve read around the internet, the Aqua Gel Mist is supposed to be used to hydrate and refresh. However, I feel like this also works fine as a setting spray. I’ve used it for the previously mentioned purposes, and I have also used it for baking my makeup. All these tasks were accomplished without any trouble. I usually do one or two spritzes.


Verdict: I like that I can use this product at least three ways. That would put more value on a face spray, especially for someone who doesn’t go out of her way to buy face sprays. I also like the novelty of a product with an unusual presentation or texture. The gel spray is something that intrigues me as the consistency is not one you’d usually find on face sprays. That seems to be the forte of Korean brands, and it’s something that intrigues me enough to want to try the products out.


2 thoughts on “Too Cool for School Aqua Gel Mist

    • I tried a setting spray before that looked like dual-phase makeup remover (as in, half of it was oil and you had to shake it before using), and it felt a little awkward to me. Is your Etude Dewy Look Spray like that?

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