The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner

I absolutely live for hydrating toners right now. I always thought that toners were only there to help along exfoliation, but the ones I’m using now have been beneficial in keeping my skin moist. (Yaaaaas for someone with dry skin!) I’m currently using The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner from recently-launched K-beauty online store, Althea Korea (PHP 190).

The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner

Quick Specs: 150 ml / 5.07 fl oz ; made in Korea


The toner is in a twist-off lidded plastic bottle. The cap is metallic on the outside, and you’ll find the toner hygienically sealed.


From what I’ve used before, certain moisturizing toners can be moist yet a little sticky, especially when the cosmetic companies try to get it as far away as possible from association with the traditional type of toner. This isn’t like that at all. Rice Ceramide isn’t completely liquid to begin with. When I pour it onto a cotton pad, it takes a second or two longer for the cotton pad to absorb the clear toner. In that time, I can see that the liquid is in a semi-gel state. The scent is almost exactly like Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Rain, a fragrance I used back in elementary school. (90’s reference, yes.) I notice that Korean brands do a lot of cologne-scented skincare, and I love that. Especially for something that you layer on in several steps, who wants a headache-inducing perfume?

Liquid-gel Consistency

The effect is refreshing and non-sticky. Skin absorbs the toner straight away, and I don’t feel like I have gel sitting on my face. I don’t give it much time to sit before I layer an emulsion over it, but the Rice Ceramide Toner hasn’t reacted to my skin or with the other products I’m using. It’s gentle stuff.


Verdict: A Korean brand toner at PHP 190? It’s well-worth the money. I like the versatility of the Rice Ceramide Toner with relation to the other products I’m using (combined with Korean and Western brands).

You can find The Face Shop Rice Toner’s Althea page by clicking HERE.

*I got this product using complimentary credits given by Althea to beta testers to try out their online store. I was not otherwise paid or compensated for this review. Opinions stated here are entirely my own.*


6 thoughts on “The Face Shop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner

  1. I was given this toner as a gift from a good friend a few years ago and I loved it, very hydrating and I went through the entire bottle (: ❤

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