Charm & Charm Philippines

Last week, M asked me to watch him play basketball in the Greenhills area. By that, he means that I should pretty please sit and wait for him to play, so that we could have a late dinner afterwards. People who know me know that these things aren’t the least bit interesting to me, mostly because I’m not a basketball person. I’ll watch championships, but league practices are kind of fneh, especially if you’re the only girl there. The saving grace of the whole thing was my discovery of a Korean beauty shop, Charm & Charm Korean Premium Cosmetics Store, in nearby Ash Creek Center.

Ash Creek isn’t necessarily the place where you’d expect to go hardcore shopping. It’s a low-rise commercial area that has several tutorial centers, a pharmacy, a few food stores, and a dermatologist. You’d have to make the effort of going there and parking in order to visit this beauty store. So is it worth the trip?

I didn’t have the easiest time finding the entrance to the Charm & Charm due to the separate staircases leading to different parts of the building. (Chalk it up to unusual design.) At first, I ended up on the staircase leading to the tutorial center area, but I headed back down and took the second staircase closer to the main road. Bingo.


Entering the store was like stepping into a semi-private beauty haven. The well-lit boutique presented several Korean beauty brand counters, minus the overzealous SAs manning each brand breathing down my neck while I walk from display to display. I immediately spotted counters by The Face Shop, Clio, and VOV, so I wanted to do a thorough inspection.



They also carry products by Korean brands that aren’t yet available locally. Some of the stuff I’ve heard of in passing, while I’ve seen the others as part of Korean beauty boxes. The names I recall are Secret Key, Nuganic, and UGB. Hair and bath products are available in addition to the makeup and skincare products on display.

Touch in Sol

Nuganic and UGB

Hair treatments and color kits

There’s a fair assortment of prices that can be found in the store. I spotted hand lotions from PHP 100+ to PHP 200+. There was a tube of eye cream that I was tempted to get for PHP 300+, but I had to override my hoarder tendencies at the moment. There are, of course, higher end offerings, yet value sets are not amiss. I saw a 5+5 promotion for sheet masks.

Value Sets: Photo from Charm and Charm FB

PHP 138 Hand Lotion

Aloe gels aplenty

What I notice is that the products are not all top of the line. Korean brands keep changing their product lineups each season, so it is a challenge to constantly keep up with the new releases. A lot of the items there are still being sold as part of the current collection of Korean brands in the malls, but a few of the products have already been discontinued. *Note: Though some of the products are on the way to being phased-out, they are in perfectly good condition. This place doesn’t sell expired goods.*

I walked away with only two items, thanks to self-restraint and M acting as my disabler.

Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk (PHP 280) and Peripera Rouge Pang (PHP 460)

A sample pack was even included to my purchase, so yay!’


I’ll be reviewing this stuff by next week. For more information on Charm & Charm, please visit their Facebook page HERE.

Charm & Charm Philippines
Ash Creek Center, Ortigas Ave., cor Madison St. Greenhills


5 thoughts on “Charm & Charm Philippines

    • The Tony Moly Banana Hand Milk I got was cheaper there, though I’m not sure about the rest of the products. They do have a lot of brands that are unavailable here.

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