Personal Update: February 2016

Here’s one of my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions: I’ve been trying to get more personal with this blog without turning it into a soap opera. I don’t have a dramatic life story—at least, I don’t think so—but it would be nice share a bit more about myself. One or two paragraphs at the beginning of my reviews are hardly enough, so why not devote the occasional post to what I’ve been up to lately?


I miss movie time

I hardly have time to watch movies anymore, but I went on a short vacation that enabled me to go through some interesting in-flight entertainment: The Dressmaker is a cheeky, Aussie film about revenge in chic clothing. It stars Kate Winslet and Liam Hemsworth (ohmygosh, the pairing actually works). Winslet’s character, after suffering one injustice after another as a child, comes back as the proverbial swan in haute couture to reckon with the judgmental townspeople of Dungatar. I only got to catch the first 20 minutes of Ashby, but I fully intend to finish it. Mickey Rourke plays the titular role opposite Nat Wolff. It’s a dramedy about an awkward kid who discovers that his next-door neighbor is a retired assassin. I’m trying not to look the synopsis up for fear that the rest of the plot could be spoiled.

Life Events

Date Night

February is a special month. Aside from Valentine’s Day, an occasion that I don’t like to celebrate on the day itself for the transportation and dining chaos it stirs up, it’s the month of M’s and my anniversary. We’ve hit the seven year mark, and that bit hasn’t quite dawned on me yet. Our post-Valentine’s day date was initially a bust, because M didn’t seem to realize that it was supposed to be a make-up date. 😦 Luckily, the anniversary date kind of made up for it. It was this magical evening, and I was glad that M was able to think up such a unique date. More on that later… I’m thinking of writing a separate post for that.


Choices from Maybelline

I probably window shop online more often than I do physically, because I have the convenient excuse of saying that it’s part-research and part-pleasure. I’m also trying to incorporate more affordable items into my routine, partly due to budgeting and partly due to research. There’s still a need for me to broaden my horizons, beauty-wise, especially when it comes to drugstore brands. I’ve been checking out Zalora these past few days for their tempting promo codes. In addition to fashion, they’ve got a growing selection of beauty products that are on the affordable side. I’m always on the prowl for new lip products, and I’m also scouting out some BB cream or foundation as a back-up to the current one I’m using that’s probably down to its last five squirts. There are looking to be some contenders from Maybelline.


Dinner consisting of Cha Siu Bao (R) and Custard Buns (L)

I grew up eating char siu bao (aka asado siopao in the Philippines). I was a picky eater back then, and that was the extent of my appreciation for Chinese food. To my parents’ displeasure, I was specific down to the appearance of filling. The sauce inside had to be a vibrant red, or I wouldn’t deem it appetizing. These last few years, I’ve mostly eaten Tim Ho Wan’s BBQ pork buns, but I’ve actually been missing the old-school stuff. I’m looking up recipes online to try it at home. Some part of me is thinking, “Hey, if you love it so much, you should learn to make it!”


So that’s the update for now. I wanted to include a book of the week, but I haven’t actually had enough down time to start reading again. (Eeeeep!) We’ll see about that next month. 😉


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