RiRe Lipmanicure

When I get around to shopping my stash, I always think, “I have so many lip products in here!” It is true that I hoard lipsticks, and it doesn’t help that my buying rule is basically ‘You can buy it, if you don’t have that color yet.’ But getting this RiRe Lipmanicure High Fix in 04 Rich Raspberry (PHP 550 from Skin & Body Wonders at The Showroom Co.) made me realize that I don’t actually have all that many liquid lipsticks. It’s still mostly the traditional lipstick bullet that dominates my collection. Uh-oh. Is this the start of a liquid lipstick shop-a-thon?


RiRe Lipmanicure High Fix in Rich Raspberry

Quick Specs: 3.7 g ; made in Korea


Undeniably, the teardrop-shaped plastic container for Rire Lip Manicure makes for a unique-looking packaging. It does show off both the color of the liquid lippie inside and how much of the product is left, so it makes it easy to pick out from your lipstick lineup. However, the stubby container could also be difficult to stuff in smaller makeup cases. I have a small set of acrylic drawers, so I can’t store this there.

Inside, it’s the typical liquid lipstick presentation. You’ve got a stopper and a wide doefoot applicator. This presents a bit of a challenge when it comes to the application of the lipstick. The stopper doesn’t do much stopping, and the short, tapered lid makes it awkward to grip and apply without fingers slipping or having the rim of the lid hit the lips.


Once applied, you’ll see just how high the pigmentation is. It’s quite impressive, really. The thinnest layer already produces opaque coverage for me. Rich Raspberry is a hot pink fuchsia that instantly brightens up the rest of my makeup. I love the vibrancy as it is a bright lipstick that I still deem highly wearable for daytime. I would’ve gone for 11 Pink Brown at first, but I guess it was a blessing in disguise that the seller ran out of stock. This is an attractive shade that is a great alternative for those who don’t want to go full-on red-red.

Swatched; the bottom part was still wet when I took the photo

First application of the day

A very thin layer does apply evenly. Once dry, the color doesn’t budge or bleed. In that respect, there’s no need for a lip liner. The dry, matte finish does tend to emphasize lip lines. Wear is light and comfortable for up to 3 hours (with drinks of water) before it starts to feel completely dry and crumbly. The SA did warn me that oily food is the kryptonite of this long-lasting liquid lipstick. I always end up with a lipstick ring after meals, since the color on the corners of my mouth cling steadfastly. Because of that, the reapplication ends up looking thick and crumbly at the corners, though it isn’t all that noticeable without scrutinizing up close.

Post-meal lipstick ring


Verdict: Despite the hiccups in the somewhat awkward applicator/packaging design, the vibrant, pigmented color makes Lipmanicure formidable in the affordable liquid lipstick department. The tendency for crumbly reapplication is something I’ve also experienced in other brands of long-wear liquid lipsticks, so I’m not going to make much of a fuss about it.

*RiRe is a Korean cosmetic brand.


7 thoughts on “RiRe Lipmanicure

  1. The one from Clio does that crumbly thing, too.

    Also,I think I need to do stash shopping, too. Maybe 80% of the stuff I have, I haven’t even wrote about.

  2. Yeheey! Thank you so much for this post! And we love your honest review. We’ll reshare po sa page. Godbless! 😁

    -skin and body wonders ❤️

    *we also have stock of pink brown available there. Lots of new stocks were just delivered!

  3. I know about that crumbly finish when reapplying when it comes to some lipsticks so yeah, what’s new right? Haha! But the pigmentation of this looks GORGEOUS! I would love to try it out, and the price is pretty affordable for a long-wearing matte lippie!

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