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I am carnivorous, and I can’t have it any other way. No disrespect to the vegans out there, but because reasons—primarily, steak and bacon. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy place that I visit to get my fix. As long as the meat is fairly tender, cooked to my liking, and well-seasoned, I’m there. I think meat lovers will seriously appreciate the no-frills approach of Meat Depot in Quezon City and Parañaque City.

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So technically, this isn’t even a restaurant. As their website emphasizes, Meat Depot is a meat shop that has cooking services. I think the depot was originally meant to cater to restaurants as a meat supplier, but they branched out to selling to the public. The cooking service is meant for customers to sample the quality of their meat products on the spot. That’s why the interiors are on the Spartan side. Don’t expect a dimly lit steakhouse with “the works”.

1st Floor: Butcher’s Area

Frozen Meat

Wagyu and Angus selection

I was able to visit their Banawe branch one Sunday evening. The first floor of the shop is devoted to butchery and frozen meat meant to be taken home, while the second floor features the dining area with a separate fridge for thawed meat you can have cooked immediately.

2nd Floor: Order Area and Dining Area


Regardless what meat you pick out, the PHP 100 cooking fee remains the same. The fee is for each pack of meat. Meaning, you could choose a pack of Wagyu or longganisa and still pay the same price for cooking on top of what you pay for the meat itself. It’s the all-meat version of a paluto (a kind of restaurant where you purchase your seafood/meat by weight in a wet market or grocery store and pay the cook only for the labor and side dishes). Sounds like a sweet deal, since their cooking fee also includes your choice of sauce (mushroom gravy, cream sauce, or spicy pepper sauce) and either rice or mashed potatoes. You pay additional if you want to get drinks, soup, and dessert. In all fairness, they even offer a wine selection.

How it works…

Choose your (thawed!) meat for cooking

It’s a self-service eatery. Once you’re done selecting your meat, you fill up a form with how you want your steak to be cooked and what sauce and sidings you’d like. Then you take that to the counter and pay for the food.

Angus Striploin Steak

Cooked Medium-well

The food, an Angus striploin steak, was simple but properly seasoned. I wasn’t able to try out the processed meats (longganisa, tocino, etc.), but the steak had the customary salt and pepper. Remember: This is, first and foremost, a meat shop, so the quality of the meat has to take center stage. The meat was juicy and fairly tender—as tender as you get with medium-well. Both mashed potato and gravy hit the spot. The portion size is all up to you when you choose your meat as some cuts are bigger and thicker than others. The size of my steak was precisely one square meal for me.

After the eating, you can go shopping… That’s what I did!

Meat shopping

Verdict: For a place that isn’t specifically a restaurant, the crowds are flocking. This is the kind of steak place to go when you just want to enjoy your meat in peace without all the bells and whistles. That keeps the prices low, and who doesn’t want that?

To know more about Meat Depot, visit their website and Facebook page.

Meat Depot
BF  Branch
— 283 Aguirre Street, BF Homes, Parañaque City
Banawe Branch — 815 Banawe Street, Saint Peter, Banawe, Quezon City


7 thoughts on “Meat Depot

  1. Wow i didnt know they had other branches pala and its wAy bigger than the one in bf homes – 2 floors la 🙂 I love this place! They have really good quality meat for its price. Hassel lang cause the one in pque is alwYs full!
    The fried taba of the steak that you can ask for is too die for – as in masarap and nakakamatat sa oily ^^

    • Lol, fried taba. I don’t know if the one in Banawe gets jam-packed, since I usually go during off hours. By the looks of it, probably. Even later into the evening, a lot of people are still eating. The dining area is at least half-full.

    • I’ve already come back a second time to the Banawe branch. Still didn’t get to try the lamb, because my friends preferred steak and roast beef. (We were going splitsies.)

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