Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

Is it on your beauty bucket list to go out and try all the cult favorites? It’s on mine, because I found so many keepers that way. When I finally got my hands on longtime favorite, Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, I was thrilled that it came as part of a 4-piece set that also included a nail polish, an eyeliner, and a lip gloss, all in the same classic burgundy shade. (BTW, the set is called Clinique Black Honey Beauty Gift Set, though I think it was a limited edition release that is no longer being sold.)

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

Clinique Black Honey Beauty Gift Set

Quick Specs: 1.9 g / 0.06 oz ; made in USA


Why Black Honey? Just the name itself was already intriguing to me. Add to that the raves on how this universal shade supposedly morphs according to the natural pigmentation on the wearer’s lips, and you’ve got a Clinique lipstick that’s shrouded in mystery. How could I resist finding out what it would look like on me?

I love the sleek silver tube that the Almost Lipstick comes in. Elongated tubes are kind of a 90’s thing for me, but the contrasting textures make it so pretty and modern. I also feel like the somewhat glossy formula of this sheer lip color makes it ideal to be housed in a slim container. It makes for easier application.

Swatched; Left: 3x, Right: 1x

The formula is halfway between tinted lip balm and stick lip gloss. It glides on super smoothly and leaves a sheer chocolate-covered-cherry tint in its wake. To elaborate, the shade is a brownish red on me, though the Clinique site describes it as a blackened raisin. I guess that’s how the color adapts to my lips’ natural pigmentation?

One or two layers is good enough for me, because it ends up looking like I have a nice, pigmented gloss on rather than a thick lipstick. For that reason, I love to wear Black Honey for daytime. It’s like the colored gloss you pick for when you’re not in the mood for a perky pink. There is sufficient moisture to last about 2 hours, and the tint stays behind but does not leave a stain on the lips.

Verdict: When you think about it, Almost Lipstick is actually a pricey lip gloss, putting it in a similar category as the Chubby Sticks. However, the iconic Black Honey is still a distinct enough color to make it a rarity among tinted lip balms and gloss sticks. Yes, that’s justification to grab a tube of this universally flattering color. There’s also that major selling point of making you wonder how it will adapt to your own lips.


10 thoughts on “Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey

  1. Hmmmm, I’m kind of weird in a sense that I immediately cast doubt on cult favorites, but you raise a good point, they didn’t become cult favorites for nothing. But I’m pretty sure I’ll pass on this one. I really don’t prefer my lipsticks to be sheer.

    • Hmm… You’re right. That’s probably part of the reason I keep reaching for it. The formula has comfortable wear. I think non-lipstick wearers would appreciate this!

  2. This is kinda similar in texture/application to the Colour Collection one that I hated. But I love this color! My heart jumped when I saw it. Haha. I wish it were more opaque, though, para vampy lang nang bongga.

    • I agree about the opacity. The very first time I swatched this some years back, without seeing the reviews beforehand, I was disappointed that it turned out to be sheer! I like it now as a tinted gloss, but I can imagine how showstopping a vampy opaque version would be.

      They’ve already released this as gloss, eyeliner, and nail polish, so I hope they actually get around to a lipstick without the “almost”. Hehe.

  3. That’s it! I wonder how will i look if i’ll wear that shade? I’m afraid i’ll look darker or maybe its darkness will make my skintone lighter. It’s interesting!

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