Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer in 04

I wrote on my beauty wishlist that I wanted to try a pale, whitish, or milky nail polish, and this Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer in 04 (PHP 79) is the first thing I can cross off.

Golden Rose Color Expert Nail Lacquer

Quick Specs: 10.2 ml ; made in Turkey

Golden Rose nail color ingredients

Initially, the image I had in my mind was a more opaque version or a banana milk color, but I realized that this particular color looked like a dupe of Essie’s Ballet Slippers from the bottle, something I’ve wanted to try since high school. Sold!

Background info: Golden Rose is a Turkish brand that’s distributed in the Philippines by the same company (Bhagi’s International Trading Corporation) that brought Essence Cosmetics, Flormar, and Catrice to Philippine shores.

At an affordable PHP 79 (USD 1.70), this drugstore polish came out as such a pleasant surprise for its quality. The packaging is standard glass bottle, but I like that the applicator handle is in the same color as the contents inside. It’ll be easier to spot in a nail polish lineup. The brush is wide and a little thick, allowing for it to pick up a generous amount of color and still have enough left over when you remove the excess.

Wide brush

I am happy to share that this has a quick-dry formula. Like I said, the color is a light-light, milky pinkish white or baby pink that could pass as a drugstore dupe for Essie Ballet Slippers, with Essie being more opaque. The consistency is liquid without being too runny. I tested this light pink nail varnish without a base coat or a top coat and did three coats to get the maximum opacity, though only two coats are recommended. The polish didn’t get crumpled when I slept, and it lasted for a good 3-4 days before noticeable chips showed up. With a base coat, it lasted 5-6 days.

Golden Rose 04

Verdict: I devoted a whole afternoon just shopping for the nail color I wanted, going from high end to drugstore. I’m seriously glad I found Golden Rose nail polish! They’ve got another line with more vibrant colors at only PHP 99 (USD 2), so it looks like I’ve got a new nail polish brand to explore.


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