The Face Shop Photo Blur BB Cream

From having iffy combination-dry skin, I learned that I need BB Cream in my life just as much as I do foundation. My skin suffers these seasonal bouts of intense dryness, yet my T-zone remains constantly oily. So when I saw my precious stock of Fairydrops BB Cream go dangerously low (and discontinued locally), I started shopping for a replacement and found The Face Shop Photo Blur BB Cream (PHP 395).

The Face Shop Photo Blur BB Cream

Quick Specs: 40 g / 1.41 oz ; made in Korea; SPF 37 PA ++

Photo Blur BB Ingredients

There was a poster promoting this in the shop, so I headed right over to the display. Initially, I wanted to try out the more expensive Power Perfection BB Cream or the newly released waterproof one, but I wanted to stick to the budget for the meantime and the blur effect claim looked intriguing. Is this what happens when you mix BB Cream with a blur cream?

The blur effect BB Cream comes in a sturdy white squeeze tube with a narrow tip for controlled release of product. It has a floral cologne scent that, while pleasant, isn’t something I’m used to in face bases. (Eliminate unnecessary ingredients, IMHO.) This Face Shop BB Cream also comes in only one shade.


The consistency of the photo-friendly BB is on the thick side. Application is smooth and non-dragging. It doesn’t take a lot of work to blend the product onto the skin.

There are three things that give Photo Blur its selfie-boosting blurring effect. One, the one-shade-fits-all base has an instant brightening effect. I used a thick layer, like I’m used to with my other BB cream, and was initially shocked to see how pasty I looked. Apparently, that’s not how it works. This has a light to medium buildable coverage that takes two layers to cover up redness, though it doesn’t completely make blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and freckles disappear. Since the color registers as lighter (plus the possible white cast from the SPF), it’s safer to apply in thin layers and build up where needed. The second photo-assisting feature is the matte finish that instantly looks like you just set your face with powder. I suppose that would be a plus for those with oily skin, but this managed to exacerbate my dry spots. It’s actually the first time I experienced dry spots with a BB Cream as I’m used to reaching for BBs when I need a more moisturizing, nourishing base makeup. Third, it does reduce the appearance of pores.

Left: With Photo Blur; Right: Bare Skin

Since it has a mattifying effect, I get 3-4 hours wear time on my T-zone before the need to touch up. For the rest of my face, this blurring BB gradually fades by the 6-hour mark.

Verdict: I’m usually wary of BB Creams with only one color available. In this case, let’s make an exception as The Face Shop Photo Blur seems to be a crossbreed of BB Cream, CC Cream, and Blur Cream. It has lightly corrected the appearance of my skin, and perhaps that’s what the whole photo blur thing is about. It’s like a pre-filter before you apply your IG filter! The formula is probably better-suited to oily skin.


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