Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat

I’m still a newbie in so many things, nail care included. Back in high school, we had one Home Economics class—yes, just the one time—devoted to nail art. The teacher gave us a template of designs we had to follow, but I can only recall a French tip and something that looked like an elephant silhouette. I think we were allowed to wear it for the rest of the school day, but we had to have stripped nails by the next morning. Funny memory, but that’s where I learned to do the whole manicure procedure. Of course, my idea of a base coat was just some clear nail polish.

Last month, I went nail polish shopping with my high school friends, and I got an idea of just how big nail design was to them. There was a discussion on various lacquer brands and ways to make them last. A few days later, I gave in and bought myself the Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat (available in two sizes: PHP 299 for the 9 ml bottle; PHP 400+ for the bigger bottle) to see if a designated nail base would make a big difference.

Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat

Quick Specs: 9 ml / 0.30 fl.oz ; made in USA

Orly Bonder Ingredients

I sprung for the smaller bottle, in true cautious fashion. Besides, I don’t always remember to do my nails, so I was afraid of the polish base coat just drying up and getting thrown out. Thank goodness for two sizes of this product! Also, smaller means handy for when you have to do your nails while traveling.

This is my first Orly product ever, so I’m not sure if the actual colored nail polishes have the same type of brush. I found the included brush to be a bit thin, but it hasn’t affected the application of the nail polish base.

Orly Bonder Brush

The rubberized base coat has a slight sheen to it, instead of the high gloss you get from clear nail polish. It also feels a bit velvety to the touch, and that’s probably the rubber part that helps in the adherence of the nail polish for longer wear. Speaking of longevity, I did feel like this Orly base coat was able to extend the life of my polish for 2-3 days more before it started to chip. It also effectively prevented discoloration on my nails, something that I see when I switch nail colors in quick succession.


Bonder is applied only on my middle fingernail

Verdict: It was a worthy purchase, and I’m glad I even got it on a storewide sale. I’d probably repurchase, but still stick to the smaller bottle to avoid wastage if it ends up drying in the bottle. (I can’t tell yet at this point, if that will happen.) Now to look into their top coats…


6 thoughts on “Orly Bonder Rubberized Basecoat

  1. This is my HG base coat! I even bought a salon size refill bottle for my personal ues, I love it so much lol. The full size bottles have the exact same handle / brush – I like the skinnier brushes myself. 🙂

  2. Great post 🙂 I wish I had home ec. And studied nails! How awesome lol. I am in need of a base coat .. ever since my last one dried out I’ve been neglecting base coat and my nails are suffering ! I might pick this one up and of course the smaller size is always best lol:)

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