Clean Rollerball Collection

It’s so nice to have a bottle of fragrance in the purse for quick spritzes throughout the day, but it’s a pain to have to carry around a full-sized bottle all the time. Especially considering how elaborate perfume bottles have gotten these days. Just the lids are practically fist-sized already. That’s why I’ve been getting into rollerball fragrances lately. They’re the alternative to mini spray bottles, and they can be accommodated even in the tiniest of purses. Today, it’s all about CLEAN Rollerball Collection (USD 18).

Clean Rollerball Collection

Quick Specs: 5 ml / 0.17 fl.oz x 5 ; made in USA

Clean Perfume Rollerball Ingredients

I got this set last year from Sephora. When I was in the store shopping, there was the option of either getting the newer set or the older one. The new one replaced one of the rollerballs, Rain, with White Woods. The new set looks like this:

Another version of the Clean rollerball set

And here’s yet another set:

It ended with me going for the older one, because I quite like the idea of “Rain”. Previously, I mentioned in my list of 50 Happy Things that I find petrichor to be a welcome smell.

As I said earlier, the selling point for the Clean rollerball set is the small size of each individual bottle. I should put one in each bag, so that I don’t have to worry in case I decide to suddenly change purses and forget to bring a scent. But for right now, I like to interchange bottles depending on my mood. Clean’s perfumes generally channel a freshly laundered clothes scent, with the fragrance variations mainly differing in how the freshly laundered clothes are being hung out to dry. However, their expanding line of products have deviated on occasion from the clothing theme yet still maintains the fresh overall aura. I’ll break down each scent to give you an idea of the impressions they make:

Air: Air has that menthol-citrus scent, perhaps evokes the sensation of cold air on a winter morning hitting your nostrils but mixed with bergamot. It is fresh air.
Warm Cotton: For me, Warm Cotton smells the most like laundry detergent and/or fabric conditioner. Some people might consider this chemical-ly, but it doesn’t get any cleaner than that.
Cool Cotton: This has an aquatic touch, masculine and almost like the smell of aftershave on fresh clothes.
Rain: Rain hits me as something a bit fruity, fresh, and leafy, actually. It makes me think of dew drops on leaves.
Skin: Skin is sweet and slightly musky. It’s the scent of freshly bathed skin at that point where the scent of soap has just faded.

All the scents last roughly 1-2 hours on me when applied directly to bare skin. On clothing, they last about 6 hours. Of the five, my favorite is Skin for its subtlety and Warm Cotton for its ability to make all clothes smell fresh off the dryer.

Verdict: The Clean line of fragrances are lovely but a bit pricey, so the rollerball collection is an excellent way to sample them all to find your favorite. As mentioned, I love how compact they are. I also love that these scents are unisex, so you could share them with anyone.

You can purchase the Clean fragrances (full-sized) and the rollerballs from Sephora or Clean’s website. Visit the Clean website to get fragrance notes.


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