Etude House Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips

I think I’ve settled on a theme for this year’s beauty buys: I’m trying to challenge myself to pull off “crazy” lipstick colors. It all started with the Etude House Berry Delicious collection launch I attended for Project Vanity. (That’s right, you guys! This is how I’m announcing my joining the Project Vanity team of writers.) There was a makeover, and the makeup artist suggested a bright orange/tangerine lip that I would have NEVER chosen for myself in real life. I’ve always been scared of how some orangey lip colors tend to bring out the yellow in my teeth. But since it wasn’t a major commitment, I decided to give it a go:

Wearing Berry Delicious OR208

So now I’m getting ballsier with loud lipstick colors. The other day, I even tried out lilac lipstick, and it wasn’t half bad. Today, I’m gamely trying out Etude House Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips in RD304 (PHP 598).

Etude House Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips

Quick Specs: 0.12 oz / 3.5 g ; made in Korea

I find the packaging so cute in a way that isn’t exaggerated. I’m seeing a lot of liquid lipsticks with lipstick-shaped tubes, and Etude House puts a nice spin on things with the strawberry sticker design and the strawberry seeds printed on the body. The applicator is a long and wide slotted doefoot that may seem intimidatingly big at first, but is actually so easy to use. There is a tight stopper to control the amount of product that leaves the tube.

Going back to the wand and applicator, I was amazed at how easy it was to apply the product on the very first try. The gel-like consistency of the liquid lippie is in perfect sync with the sponge-tip applicator. Even the angle of the applicator makes it easy to spread out the color on the edges of the lips without going over. The formula doesn’t settle in lip lines much, nor does it have the tendency to feather or stick to teeth. Since the stopper effectively holds back a lot of product, I find that I have to re-dip the applicator to get enough color on my lips. (I prefer to just slather a lot on in one go to get the maximum level of pigmentation and avoid a patchy look.

RD304 is a vibrant red, reminiscent of a luscious, ripe strawberry or strawberry jam. I don’t consciously choose a lot of red lipsticks, but this one doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable with its level of boldness. It has a glossy finish. I get 2-3 hours of moist, comfortable wear, but the color stays on after it starts to feel dry. Once the moisture has gone, the color dries to look like tinted lip balm. The pigment is mostly suspended over the lips, though RD304 does leave a mild stain that makes my lips look naturally pigmented. Immediate re-application is necessary after eating as the brightly colored gloss remains on the outer corners of the lips.

Left: Varying number of swipes; Right: Rubbed off after 10 minutes

Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips in action

Verdict: Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips is so perfect for summer. The consistency, pigmentation, and finish give the lips a bold, fun look. You get a lot of color, but the glossy finish makes it less severe.

*I received this product free-of-charge from Etude House after attending a media event for Project Vanity. I was not otherwise compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


6 thoughts on “Etude House Berry Delicious Colour in Liquid Lips

  1. Look ah, orange makes your skin brighter 😀 That’s what I love about orange! I’m thinking of getting this shade or the lip jam treatment 😉

    • Same here. I don’t actively go out to buy them, but sometimes I stumble upon an awesome one. Give this a line a try. The pinks are cute as well. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s some impressive staying power! Sometimes it’s good to let others choose colours for you to step outside of your comfort zone. The colour looks fantastic on you!
    And I love that feature photo of you – and congrats on writing for Project Vanity!

    • Thanks! 🙂 I usually hate the feeling of being pressured into buying limited edition items, but Etude House products have been worth it so far in terms of superior quality. I even have this one eyeshadow palette from them that I got two years ago that I still use regularly.

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