Sore Throat Solution

I’ll skip the makeup talk for today, and go to the subject of health and wellness. The weather has been particularly hot these last few days, and I’ve been hearing people around me complaining about feeling sluggish and sickly from the heat.

In terms of getting sick, the thing I come down with the most is a sore throat. Colds and coughs are often just the side effect that comes 2-3 days after getting a sore throat. This sort of thing seems to run in my family as my dad has this particularly sensitive throat. For some reason, he can’t eat ice cream or drink slurpees in hot weather. He gets sick from that. So he usually enjoys ice cream when the weather is chilly. (WTF, right?) On the other hand, I get a sore throat when I don’t drink water after consuming any form of sweets.

So what is our go-to treatment for such an ailment?

Betadine Gargle

First, it’s a 2-3 times a day gargle session of Betadine 1% Oral Antiseptic Solution. I find that this gets rid of sticky residue on the throat and tonsils effectively. For example, I feel the beginnings of a sore throat coming on, I just gargle this and that’s usually enough to stop it in its tracks in 1-2 hours time. If the sore throat is already in full swing, I do still feel like this speeds up the healing process, especially when the 2-3 times/day directive is followed.

Kamillosan M Spray

When the sore throat is already there and I just have to white-knuckle it, Kamillosan M is soothing when sprayed right before bed. It’s something you need to get used to as there is a strong, minty, bitter taste. Having experienced Chinese medicine as a kid, I can safely say that this tastes like the wintermelon powder we used to take to soothe sore throat. I like that the ingredients seem to be all-natural. To be honest, it doesn’t get rid of sore throat like Betadine does, but it does lessen the discomfort a little. This is most significant when you’re just trying to fall asleep and can’t get the painful swallowing out of your head.

Finally, I take Vitamin C regularly. A doctor once told me not to stop taking vitamins even when sick. This is a stark contrast to what my parents told me about vitamins not absorbing properly when you’re not in the pink of health. Vitamin of choice is:

Kirkland Vitamin C; Photo from

We used to get a lot of Kirkland vitamins from friends and relatives who would vacation abroad. Eventually, we started buying that brand for vitamins as well. Vitamin C, in particular, can also stop the beginnings of a sore throat. Usually, I’d take 500 mg or 1000 mg.

That’s about it for today! 🙂 I can’t claim that this will cure all cases of sore throat, but this has always worked for my family.


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