Billion Dollar Brows Brows on Point Waterproof Micro Brow Pencil

I am, by no means, a brow expert. Considering that I’ve only had two years of practice in doing my brows, I was surprised to learn that there’s more to it than just mapping and filling. There are issues like hair sparseness and brow product longevity that have to be addressed. So when Billion Dollar Brows sent over their latest product, the Brows on Point Waterproof Micro Brow Pencil (USD 16), it was time to assess my brow situation and experiment with ways to get my brows to look like a million billion bucks.

BDB Brows on Point

Quick Specs: 0.002 oz. / 0.08 g ; made in Mexico

Brows on Point Ingredients

BDB Brows on Point is a full set of eyebrows in a compact form. The pen is conveniently double-ended, with one side containing a twist up pen and the other holding a slim spoolie brush. The caps on either side fit snuggly, so I didn’t have any issues with the brow pen suddenly making a mess in the bag.

The super slim design of the Billion Dollar Brows eyebrow pen makes it ideal for precision application. Specifically, it was made to deal with areas that have sparse hair growth. The brow pencil can be applied in thin lines that imitate hair growth in order to make brows look fuller. I’ve tried using it to fill in gaps as well as to completely map and fill brows, and it works either way. IMHO, however, it’s still the best to use this for fine-tuning the brows and ridding it of sparse portions rather than doing the entire brows. The thin nature of the eyebrow pencil makes filling in the entire brow area (“coloring”) a longer process.

Super slim pen

Brows on Point is a waterproof micro pencil that lasts the whole day on me. I notice it does have a slightly waxy feel to it, and that may contribute to its waterproof feature. The formula isn’t particularly soft when applied to the brows, but the two of the pencils broke off while I was swatching. (Not thinking anything of it, though. Might be the pressure from my writing hand.) I also noticed that the waxy feature mentioned earlier makes it a little tricky to layer with other brow products once the areas are fully drawn.

Swatched From Left to Right: Raven, Taupe, Light Brown, and Blonde

I got to try all four colors of Brows on Point, Raven (black/black-gray), Taupe (cacao brown), Light Brown (warm, yellow-tinged brown), and Blonde (ashy khaki). The best fit for me is Taupe for coloring the brows and Blonde to draw on the sparse areas. My current hair color is a bit lighter and warmer, but Light Brown is too light and Blonde is too ashy.

Billion Dollar Brows Brows on Point in Action: Taupe to map and fill in, and Blonde for gaps

Verdict: The strongest point for this brow pen is in how it can work to effectively fill in the gaps. But for brow emergencies, Brows on Point pens can also be used to shape and fill in brows from start to finish.

To purchase these BDB brow micro pencils, go to their website HERE.

* I received this sample free-of-charge from Billion Dollar Brows via Brandbacker for editorial consideration. I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


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