Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

If there’s one thing I dread when it comes to makeup shopping, it’s the tedious task of finding a foundation that works for me. I have combination-dry skin to begin with, so you can imagine the dry patches and the oily areas. Then the whole undertone thing is some serious business. I was only too relieved to find an excellent one in Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in Sand (USD 50 / PHP 2,900).

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

Quick Specs: 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml ; made in Japan

Skin Foundation Ingredients

The glass bottle with pump looks so very pro makeup artist, IMHO. The pump is, of course, the hygienic option for liquid makeup products. While the bottle has heft, it isn’t too heavy or bulky that you wouldn’t want to take it on vacation with you. (I have taken it on vacation without incident. Just pack it carefully amid squishier things.)

Bobbi Brown Foundation Pump

The formula of the Skin Foundation is a runny liquid that dries quickly. My preferred application method is still with the use of only fingers, since I don’t have much patience to dabble with tools. It blends well, though I admittedly believe that finishing it off with a beauty blender or stippling brush will make it look much smoother. Coverage is a buildable sheer to medium, with one layer already covering up the redness near my nose. Hyperpigmentation and blemishes takes two layers to fade away, but it doesn’t cover them up completely. However, I find that the Skin Foundation does look and feel like second skin and is breathable.

Swatched and Blended

It is a light foundation with SPF 15 that doesn’t leave a visible white cast in its wake. The finish is satin, not too dewy and not a flat matte. I find that the foundation is okay with my combination-dry skin. It doesn’t particularly dry me out, though I do get the occasional dry patches if I don’t start with pre-moisturized skin.

In terms of longevity, I get four hours of wear before I have to blot and re-powder. On a particularly humid day, sweaty skin will lift off the foundation, so I have to reiterate the use of blotters and powder.

Your Left: 2 layers of Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation; Your Right: Bare skin

Verdict: The best part of this second-skin foundation from Bobbi Brown is the complements I’ve gotten. Skin looks smoother and more even and shows off just enough of the imperfections to emphasize a natural look. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the foundation color is an exact match to my skin. From my journey with foundation so far, this is rapidly gunning for HG status in my book.

(By the way, I wrote about foundation commandments HERE for Project Vanity, in case you want to read about how to achieve a flawless foundation look.)


5 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

  1. […] Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 – The most spot-on base makeup match I have to date, the Skin Foundation in Sand has served me well for day-to-day use. But I do need more coverage for events that require “the works”. I’m currently using the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation in Sand as well (FYI: Moisture Rich has since been discontinued, boo!), and I’m thinking of switching to a fuller-coverage variant on my next bottle. […]

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