Kate Tokyo Forming Edge Eyes

I’ve received conflicting views on shimmer shadows. On one end, a friend told me that shimmer shadows are only ‘cool’ up until college. On the other hand, have you seen the glam ladies in Japan? The office girls know how to pull off the shimmer shadow there, so I guess I’m trusting the judgement of the Japanese on this round. Kate Tokyo Forming Edge Eyes in PK-1 (PHP 770) makes a convincing argument as well.

Kate Tokyo Forming Edge Eyes Eyeshadow in PK-1

Quick Specs: 2.0 g ; made in Japan

Kate does equal parts edgy and sleek with their makeup packaging. The Forming Edge Eyes palette, like the other eyeshadows from the brand, is made to look like jewels through cleverly molded, see-through, lightweight plastic. The presentation of the shadows is practical, done in-line with the vertical gradation application technique that Kate Tokyo is promoting for these palettes.

Kate Forming Edge Eyes Shadow

In a nutshell, vertical gradation is achieved by using light, medium, and dark shadows on the inner corners, mid-lid, and outer corners, respectively. It gives eyes the appearance of a more youthful, wide-awake look. The same is applied to the lower lash line. Depending on your eye shape, you can give the dark shadow an upward (to raise droopy eyes) or downward stroke (to even out upturned eyes) for a contoured effect. Here it is in action:

PK-1 may look like the cutesy color in the collection, but it has a gorgeous grown-up look once applied. The lightest shade is a blush pink, the medium shade is a rose gold, and the darkest shade is a blackened version of the medium shadow. All three shadows are a cinch to blend together, and they last the whole day without primer. No creasing on me!


Tip: You can either start with the lightest shade transitioning to the darkest, or you could start with the medium shade followed by either the lightest or darkest. The order depends on which way is easier to blend together for you. Try both to see what works.

Verdict: I am a convert of the vertical gradation technique. I found it easier to get the hang of it than the horizontal technique. PK-1 has gotten me compliments, though I’ve also got my eye on the olive-toned GN-1. (Let’s go for contrast!) The shadow selection is wide-ranged and well-curated, ranging from office-appropriate bronze to smokey-eye silver. Get more info on the rest of the new collection HERE.


*I received this product free-of-charge from Kate Tokyo after attending a media event for Project Vanity. I was not otherwise compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


3 thoughts on “Kate Tokyo Forming Edge Eyes

  1. I remember reading in a magazine when I was young to never ever wear shimmer eye shadows so I stayed away from them for years. Now, I wear whatever I want! 😛
    I recently came back from Japan and had the opportunity to experience all of their brands first hand and yes, they are definitely a fan of the shimmer eyes!
    I remember seeing these ones in the displays and they were noted as #1 selling so they’re popular. It costs ¥910 there, which is around $8.70 USD.
    I did end up getting a Kate palette, the one called Brown Shade Eyes in BR-3:

    • When I vacationed in Japan, I did see Kate products on sale at some of their drugstores. In hindsight, I regret not having purchased any! I was thinking at the time, “Shimmer shadows? I already have some.” But the quality is pretty spectacular to me, especially for the price.

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