Zenutrients Sweet Vanilla, Milk & Melon Body & Hand Wash

Wondering aloud: Why don’t I see enough reviews on beauty blogs about soap? They might not be as hyped up as makeup, but they certainly don’t lack in importance. This is something we use daily, or maybe more than once per day. And especially because I have dry skin and suffer from dry patches several times a year, I have become more discerning with the soap I use. Here’s what I think of Zenutrients Sweet Vanilla, Milk and Melon Body and Hand Wash (estimated PHP 234).

Zenutrients Body and Hand Wash

Quick Specs: 200 ml ; made in the Philippines


Let’s immediately talk about how this is an excellent multi-purpose product! You can use soap to wash you hands, face, body, etc., but there is the question of whether or not it cleanses the skin while not stripping it completely of moisture. In the case of Zenutrients, it has effectively functioned as a body wash, a hand wash, and even a makeup brush wash. It lathers up easily, but the foam is quick to abate. Even when used to wash makeup brushes, one after the other, my hands don’t end up dry.

Lathering with a brush cleaner

The packaging is sturdy, practical, and presentable. It’s the type of artisanal soap I’d want to share with guests in a guest bathroom. However, I noticed that the pump got gunky after a while. The tip of pumps usually get the build-up, but even the base of the pump has dried product. (Leak?)

The scent is light, fruity-sweet, kind of like cantaloupe juice, and it doesn’t linger. I love cantaloupe juice, especially in the summer, but this has more of a melon candy or melon milk scent. Smells sweet, but not cloying.

Verdict: Okay, so I’ve mainly been using this to wash my brushes. It lifts color pigment that’s caked into brushes in one or two washes without turning the hairs hard or stiff. For that purpose alone, it really is worth it. Some washes in the market are so expensive, making this the affordable alternative. Perhaps now I’ll be more confident to start investing in premium brushes, knowing that I have a way of maintaining them.

*I received this product free-of-charge as part of an event loot bag for attending/being a part of the Project Vanity 8th Anniversary celebration. I was not otherwise compensated or paid for this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


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