Sale Buy: Naturally European Luxury Soap

I was on the fence whether or not to publish a review for Naturally European Luxury Soap (aka The Somerset Toiletry Co. Naturally European Soap Bar). On one hand, I’ve already started talking about the importance of soap reviews. On the other hand, the particular “edition” of this soap already has limited stocks at Beauty Bar’s sale aisle due to repackaging. But then again, it is a good bath soap (old or new packaging) that deserves a shout-out.

Naturally European Soap

Quick Specs: 230 g / 8 oz ; made in Portugal


Five Things About Naturally European (Pomegranate) Bath Soap:

  1. The discount in Beauty Bar is significant. It used to be PHP 450, but then dropped to PHP 157.50. Hmm…
  2. However, the initial appearance of the soap might not be all that attractive. Let’s cut to the chase: This is part of their clearance category, so some of the soaps either look banged up or are starting to turn to powder on the edges.
  3. …But then again, I took a chance. The soap still smelled nice, and I thought it could be relegated as a hand soap at worst. And in all fairness, it worked out for me. Despite the crumbly nature of the soap, its lather activated without any trouble. Even when cracks started to form along the soap’s body after much use—an omen with most commercial soaps that they are about to lose lather capability—it still worked! It also didn’t leave my skin dry.
  4. 230 g is a lot of soap! I have a bar all to myself, and it’s lasted for over a month already.
  5. The soaps have essential oil scents that are most potent when the bar is dry. In the shower, it just smells like regular vegetable oil soap. Neither the veg oil nor the essential oil scents cling to the skin post-shower. No lotion or perfume conflicts.

Verdict: I like to put sale notices, because it’s a shame not to share these little discoveries, especially when they turn out to be gems. PHP 450 may be a lot to pay, even for a huge bar, but PHP 157 is a steal for the quality.


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