Erth Origins Age-Defense Soap

Research seems to be the best excuse way to get new things! I was looking for coconut-enriched products at Watsons for this article I was writing for Project Vanity, and I came across Erth Origins Age-Defense Soap (PHP 99) in a sea of whitening soaps. It called out to me. 🙂

Erth Origins Age-Defense Soap

Quick Specs: 90 g x 2 ; paraben-free

Erth Origins Ingredients

At PHP 99/USD 2, I can see how some might think that that amount is already a lot to spend on soap by Philippine standards. But it was found in the specialty soap category of the drugstore, so don’t write it off just yet.

The soap contains bits of exfoliant

FYI for the skeptics: Soaps outside the usual circle of household brand names can work wonderfully and feel squeaky clean. I’ve already finished up one bar of Erth Origins, and I can say that it has produced a nice lather (not particularly foamy, but far from flat) each time. I have tested on both the face and the body with no incident, although I do still recommend liquid face wash over bars. (I feel like bar soaps have that solidifying ingredient that the face doesn’t really need to be exposed to.) This one even has exfoliating “beads” embedded in the soap, but it doesn’t really work unless you scrub the bar directly on the skin. Scent is very mild, a lightly fruity version of oatmeal soap.

So what is coconut oil like as a main ingredient for soap? Nothing too unusual, to be honest. It activates fast and skin feels cleansed. The only main difference I’ve noticed is how quickly this soap dissolves when exposed to water. I have this *fail* soap dish that tends to collect water at the base, and I find the Age-Defense Soap gets significantly smaller where the soap and the water meet. The water turns yellowish, so I know that it’s from the soap. Good to Know: Water exposure doesn’t cause this soap to lose its lather.

Verdict: If you’re on a coconut kick, do look into Erth Origins! I think it’s one of the more affordable and accessible coconut-enriched beauty products out there. BTW, this soap has another variant at the same price, but I can no longer recall what its called.

Erth Origins is exclusively distributed by Watsons Philippines.


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