Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara

Quick shameless plug before I get on with the review: If you are from the Philippines and you want an awesome office-appropriate makeup kit like the one below, get your Project Vanity Girl Boss Glam Kit HERE. The goodies inside are worth PHP 3,600+, but it retails for PHP 1,250 + shipping! ❤

Project Vanity Girl Boss Glam Kit

So now I segue into my review, because I’ll be talking about one of the contents of the PV Girl Boss Glam Kit, Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara in 503 Blackened Brown (PHP 650; USD 8.99).

REVLON Ultimate All in One Mascara

Quick Specs:  0.28 fl. Oz. / 8.5 ml ; made in USA

 photo _20160717_111339_zpsnaikbch7.jpg

I was initially surprised to see that the packaging of this Revlon mascara is more casual than its predecessors. This line of mascara (other variants include Ultra Volume, Super Length, Volume + Length Magnified, and Dramatic Definition) has a more casual, youthful look, but is quite practical. The wide shape of the tube with the flat sides give it better grip for clumsy hands like mine.

Without paying much attention to the box it came in, I opened it up and found another surprise in the form of the tiny, tiny wand. The brush head, made of plastic, has the clever design feature of an oval hole in the middle that allows for it to thoroughly saturate the wand with product. That allows you to layer the mascara on while minimizing the number of times you have to dip back into the tube. (Less dips = slower expiration?) The tiny bristles also have easy access to the inner and outer corners of the lashes, so you’ll get an even coating. The compact size made it easy to adjust to, and I didn’t experience accidental jabs to the eyes.

The formula is on the gooey side. You get a lot of thickness in just a few swipes as it adheres to the lashes instantly. I do the 30 strokes thing and, just before it starts to develop “crumbs”, I stop. Once dried, All in One Mascara holds a curl impressively well for a washable formula. I couldn’t find my lash curler, but I was able to get away with only jiggling the wand. The mild, uplifted curl was sustained until I got home. It also wore 9 hours with minimal smudging, which usually takes place at the 5-hour mark. However, it’s not too obvious, and it disappears with only a few pats of the fingers.

Left: Curled lashes with All in One Mascara; Right: None

Front View

The color is a gray-tinged brownish black as opposed to the usual dark, inky black. IMHO, it does look more natural, since it gives sufficient definition without coming across as too severe.

Verdict: You’ve got a formula that immediately clings to the lashes and a delivery system (a.k.a. mascara wand) that works well with it. Revlon’s take on a mascara that addresses most general lash concerns—length, volume, color, definition, and lift—is an everyday wearable success.

*I am a member of the Project Vanity team and received the kit free-of-charge, but I am not required to review the kit and its contents. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own and do not reflect the opinions of other members of Project Vanity.*


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