Chica Y Chico Killing Star Cleanser

Korean beauty, more fondly known to beauty junkies as K-beauty, has got me to seriously ponder branding and marketing. What makes you want to buy their products, even the more obscure brands? Is it the cutesy packaging? Celebrity endorsements/blogger raves? A killer name? The look of the contents inside? In my case, Chica Y Chico Killing Star Cleanser (PHP 340 from Althea Korea) attracted me with its badass name, then drew me in with a cleverly crafted infographic.

Chica Y Chico Killing Star Cleanser

Quick Specs: 150 ml ; made in Korea

From what I can tell, Chica Y Chico is not a brand that specifically relies on the typical K-beauty cutesy image. If anything, I noticed that they tend to be minimalist with their packaging than conspicuous. The celanser comes in a clear pump bottle, the contents of which are obscured by the label. The pump is twist-to-open, though I wish they added an additional lock to make it travel-friendly. (Y’know, that little plastic thing you put at the neck of the pump to prevent it from pushing down.)

The amber-colored liquid has the consistency of shampoo. I usually use half a pump for my face. I’ve tried it on different occasions with damp and dry hands, but I simply didn’t achieve the laundry detergent level of bubbling that was in their inforgraphic. However, the emulsion-foam hybrid it creates still results in removed makeup, so it’s not a big deal that there’s no thick, frothy foam.

The name “Killing Star” makes me think of two things: ninja stars/shuriken and sci-fi movies. Why is it even called that? Apparently, it contains “dust kill capsules” that help exfoliate the skin. I suppose this refers to the jojoba esthers a.k.a. jojoba beads suspended in the liquid cleanser. For the record, the smattering of jojoba beads isn’t enough for you to say that this is a bona fide face scrub. But there is some incidental exfoliation in the process.

All washable makeup, including mascara, is removed without much effort. As for long-wear makeup, you may have to repeat the process. BB cream and water-resistant brow makeup came off quickly, but the cream eye shadow and matte lipstick swatched on my arm took a little more rubbing. There was still some cream shadow leftover afterwards, so repeating the process was necessary. However, my usual amount of makeup comes off completely on the first try.

Emulsion activated

Brown tinge = leftover cream shadow

Verdict: To be honest, one of the main reasons I purchased this cleanser was because I saw the seriously foamy lather on the product’s page. But even when I ended up with something flat and milky as opposed to thick froth, the effectiveness of Chica Y Chico Killing Star has effectively wowed me. True to its claims, you can technically use it on a particularly lazy evening as a simplified one-step cleansing ritual to get to bed ASAP. Personally, I still double cleanse out of habit.


3 thoughts on “Chica Y Chico Killing Star Cleanser

  1. Hello, there is a video on Youtube on how to use this. After lathering it on your skin, you have to wet your hands and rub the product in your face to create the foam 🙂

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