Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover

The biggest deterrent for me to put on nail polish isn’t the struggle to work with steady hands, especially when it comes to my non-dominant hand’s turn to paint my nails. It isn’t even the waiting time for each coat to dry. What turns me off a manicure is the tedious removal after a week. Ugh. So when a nail polish remover is designed with convenience in mind, it turns into an exciting moment for me. It’s time to talk about Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads (10 pads for USD 3.99; 3 pads for USD 1.49).

Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover

Quick Specs: made in the USA

Cutex One-Step Pads

Four Things About Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads:

  • Hooray for individually packed pads. Nothing beats the convenience of having a pre-soaked cotton pad. No mess, no spills!
  • The packet, looking kind of like a teabag packet, contains a single, well-soaked felt pad that’s been folded. I suppose the fold is meant to prevent the nail polish remover from air exposure and evaporating too quickly. I also like the idea of a felt pad that could possibly help “scrape” the polish away in addition to having the formula dissolve it.
  • When a nail polish remover claims to have special oils or moisturizers to nourish, I tend to think that the formula would be perfumed. This is not always the case, of course, but that’s just the general impression I got from experience. However, this isn’t the case for Cutex. I took a whiff and got blasted in the nose by the strong smell of acetone. Okay, my bad.
  • One pad only got me as far as four nails with my current nail color, but that’s the same ground covered with my usual nail polish remover. (I guess the polish is more resilient than usual…) I had to resoak the felt pad with my usual remover, but the oils/moisturizing factor made it somewhat slick to use.

Verdict: The Cutex remover pads are still convenient to have around for light polishes or cleaning up any mistakes in a hurry. But for most of the removal, I guess it depends on the type of polish you use. For the heavy, opaque stuff, expect to use two pads or at least have another nail polish remover on hand to re-soak if necessary.

*I received the Cutex nail polish remover pads free-of-charge via Influenster Vox Box. I was not otherwise compensated for this review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


2 thoughts on “Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover

  1. Great honest review! I can see how this can be good for cleaning up around the skin and or for light maybe one coat polishes. Thank you so much for posting this. Have a great day!

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