Lip Ice Sheer Color Fragrance Free Lip Moisturizer

The backstory behind the purchase of this color-changing lip balm contains a fair bit of drama. If you want to read about it, please go to the bottom of the post. 🙂 I don’t want a rant as an opener. (No to negativity!)

Anyway, I picked up Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color Fragrance Free Lip Moisturizer (PHP 145), because of a current obsession with color-changing lip products. It’s probably a 90’s nostalgia thing, but it looks like a nice trend to bring back.

Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Moisturizer

Quick Specs: 2 g ; made in China


The packaging exterior is simple pink plastic, but I’m glad to see that it looks more like a lipstick inside. Snug-fitting cap and twist-up aluminum body. Not high-end, but definitely looks fancier-looking than the lip balms I grew up with.

I chose the unscented variety, because I prefer unscented lip products when possible. The strawberry-scented variant smells like hard candy, so I decided to pass. There’s also a shimmer version, but I like a more natural-looking sheen. All are priced the same. (BTW, did you guys know that this product has been around forever? I’ve been seeing the brand itself for years, and I’ve read some reviews of this particular product in the Philippines dating all the way back to 2011.)

The feel is a very moist lip balm that glides smoothly over the lips. After 10 seconds, you can already see that the formula has gone from clear to pink-tinted. You can layer it on to produce a richer pink sheen. The moisture lasts for about 2 hours, and Lip Ice Sheer Color leaves a light stain in its wake. It’s not a particularly strong stain, but it does give lips a rosy tinge. In my case, I found it flattering for my naturally pigmented lips. “My lips, but brighter.”

Swatched; Stain left behind

Verdict: It’s hard not to fall in love with the Lip Ice Sheer Color line. Just look at the way it colors lips, and the price makes it an ideal makeup kit staple.

*Lip Ice products are available in Watsons and Zalora.*


If you’re looking for the story behind the buy, here goes:

I purchased Lipstick Queen Frog Prince out of fascination for the amazing emerald-to-rose color switch after seeing the video review by YouTube beauty guru, Tati. The plan was to have it shipped via my go-to freight-forwarder. However, there was a delay in its arrival due to a rail accident in the US, then another delay on the end of the forwarder due to the supposedly flammable nature of two out of the three free perfume vial samples that came with the lipstick. (And yet I see posts on the internet about packages containing nail polish and perfume arriving to their doorstep intact. WTF?!)

I have a friend currently in the States whose sister lives 6 minutes away from the forwarder’s warehouse. They offered to mail the package there, and I was initially thrilled. However, I found out that they wanted to charge me $14 for processing the delivery to my friend. (Um… What???)

To make matters worse, the packaging material from the seller is probably huge as I was quoted for 3 lbs for one itty-bitty lipstick. So instead of getting my shizz in 2 weeks (shipping fee at $17), I have to wait 2 months ($8) to make the whole thing more cost-effective. Obviously, I’m peeved, but what else is there to do? Frog Prince, see you in 2 months!

I ended up shopping for a locally available alternative to make me feel better, and that’s how I got my hands on this.



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