SinfulColors Porcelain Matte Nail Polish in Glazy Sunday

Sharing my NOTD! It’s Sinful Colors Porcelain Matte Nail Polish in Glazy Sunday. It’s part of a limited edition collection that came out spring 2016, though I’m not sure if it is still being sold. (Haven’t seen the collection on the Sinful Colors official site!) But anyway, here goes:

Sinful Colors Glazy Sunday Nail Polish

Quick Specs: 0.5 fl oz / 15 ml ; made in USA


Five Things About Sinful Colors Porcelain Matte Nail Color:

  • The polish brush is of average length and width. Standard stuff, though those used to the wider, flatter brush varieties may struggle with this.
  • From the bottle, the shade Glazy Sunday looks like a mauve-ish dusty lilac with fine fuchsia shimmer. On the nails, the shimmer completely disappears up until it’s time to remove the polish. Then you’ll see the shimmer bits embedded in the layers of nail lacquer.
  • Perhaps the most interesting part of the polish has got to be the “porcelain matte” effect. It’s hard to describe, but it’s a matte finish with a certain puffy… texture. Kind of like how mousse makeup has that whipped, aerated look to it. Well, this one is neither whipped nor bouncy, but it looks like it! And because it’s matte, there’s no fear of accidental dents on the nails’ shiny surfaces.
  • Application is even and dries fairly quickly. Give it just a minute or two. I do two coats to achieve satisfactory opacity.
  • As for longevity, I get 2-3 days max without primer or top coat. That’s not terribly long before it starts chipping, but the addition of a matte top coat might help. However, I’m not sure if a top coat will mess with the finish of this nail polish line.

Look closely. See the texture?

Verdict: I instantly warmed up to the unique finish of porcelain mattes. It’s not a flat matte, and I like how opaque it looks in two coats. Glazy Sunday is such a pretty, girly color that easily goes with any outfit. I only wish that longevity could be improved.

*I received this product free-of-charge as part of campaign by Sinful Colors and Influenster. I was not otherwise compensated for this review. Opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


2 thoughts on “SinfulColors Porcelain Matte Nail Polish in Glazy Sunday

  1. It’s always my issue with mattes, you can’t use a top coat unless it is also matte. They chip SO quickly! This is a nice colour though – I like the idea of a non-flat matte.

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