MAC Soft Serve Eye Shadow in Must Be Lust

Here’s a tip I learned from a pro makeup artist from way back: Avoid using shimmer shadows when doing makeup for those aged 50 and beyond as the shimmer tends to emphasize fine lines and wrinkles.

That’s probably one of the most heartbreaking beauty tips I’ve ever heard, since I have a profound passion for shimmery things that has spanned over a decade. In fact, even when I’m not in the market to buy new makeup, it’s a new type of shimmer that tends to get me to open my wallet. (My trigger?) Exactly that happened when I went to a workshop and discovered MAC Soft Serve Eye Shadow in Must Be Lust (USD 22).

MAC Soft Serve Eye Shadow

Quick Specs: 5 g / 0.17 oz ; made in Italy

MAC Soft Serve Must Be Lust Eye Shadow

The Soft Serve line is limited edition and has been selling out like hotcakes. The first MAC boutique I went to ran out of Must Be Lust and several other best-selling shades, but I was able to snag one on the second place I tried. (Thank goodness!) The cream-to-powder sparkle shadows come in glass pots with simple colored stickers on the lid to give an idea of what shades are contained inside.

Swatched: See the individual pigments?

Must Be Lust looks copper from the jar, but the individual pigments are actually a mix of copper-gold and silver sparkles when examined up close. (I say sparkle, because the pigments are not fine shimmer. You can spot individual, chunky pigments when swatched.)  In terms of color payoff, you don’t get much if at all. I tried using this shade by itself on my lids and it didn’t have much impact apart from a little bit of sparkle dancing in the light. Sounds lackluster, right? But once you layer it with other shadows… OMG, brace yourself. It adds incredible dimension to eye makeup.

Used alone

How I Use It: I put a few dabs of Must Be Lust as the base shadow all over my lid using my ring finger, then I proceed to contour the outer lower lid up to the crease with a dark matte shadow. I soften that up with a medium metallic shade at the center and a pale matte on the inner corners. It’s basically a vertical gradation method.

Layered under powder shadows

Without primer, Soft Serve creases at 4 hours. With primer, it wears the whole day with minimal or no creasing. I was told that the cream shadows dry out in the pot rather quickly, so they will eventually shrink. However, this does not affect the ability to pick up pigment. Fingers crossed on that one. I have been using Must Be Lust almost daily since purchasing it, and it hasn’t changed in quality yet.

Verdict: MAC products, to me, are definitely splurges, and I’m especially wary of liking limited editions. But the Soft Serve line is too gorgeous to pass up, especially if you are a sparkle/shimmer fiend. Swatch to believe, because these photos don’t do them justice! And please also check out the shades, Best Makeup, Girls, Girls!, and Bounce Around. IMHO, they’re equally beautiful. It depends what supporting shadow shades you plan to use with. I like neutrals and browns, so Must Be Lust was a good fit.


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