V&M Naturals Underarmour Aloe Tea + Licorice Mint

You know you’re around close friends when you get around to discussing awkward sweating. (But isn’t all sweating awkward anyway?) One friend confessed to avoiding clothing of a certain color, calling it her jabar (Pinoy slang for pit stains) fabric. It was probably a reaction to the dye, but it got us to the discussion of pores, sweat, and other personal hygiene issues. Now with another girlfriend, we also got around to discussing the same subject, and she had this sparkling recommendation for me: V&M Naturals Underarmour Aloe Tea + Licorice Mint Deodorant (P555).

V&M Naturals Underarmour Brightening and Invigorating Deodorant

V&M Naturals Underarmour Brightening and Invigorating Deodorant

Quick Specs: 50 ml / 1.69 oz ; made in the Philippines



My only other experience with spray-on deodorant/antiperspirant has been the aerosol type and, boy, does that make quite a scent cloud. Here’s a simple spray bottle that only requires 1-2 spritzes to get the job done. It’s a handy size for popping into overnight bags.

Aloe Tea and Licorice Mint Deodorant Spray

Aloe Tea and Licorice Mint Deodorant Spray

There are white sediments at the bottom of the bottle, presumably the alum (a.k.a. tawas), so shaking is a must before each use. Once sprayed, there is a minty, cooling effect that lasts about 5 minutes. Another variant is available, Acai + Mulberry, but I’m not sure if it also has a minty feel on the skin. Since this is not an antiperspirant, pit sweat is still a possibility. It just won’t smell bad or as bad. lol I’ve worn this out on errand day, and it performed well. No unpleasant smell, and I could even still smell the fragrance on my clothes. However, you might need something more protective for sports. (Note: I am not big on pit sweat. I usually sweat from the head and face. I won’t recommend this if you have overactive glands on the underarms.)

The scent is… amazing. It’s a slightly sweet green tea with strong notes of mint and a little something woodsy, like cedar wood. It’s a more complex version of the popular green tea fragrance, making it instantly memorable and grown-up. If you like a scent that’s fresh and woodsy at the same time, this is a good one. (Note: Either you like mint or you don’t. Some people will always think of liniments. If that’s you, this might not be a good fit.)

Verdict: At P555, it is a bit pricey for deodorant. But if you’re set on using something alum-type deodorants as opposed to the regular kind or if you like the unique scent, then go for it. It’s ideal for those with light-to-moderate sweat and odor issues.

You can get V&M Naturals products on their website or their kiosks. Check out there FB page for more info.


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