Cathy Doll Come On Baby Intimate Cleansing Gel

Have you seen Cathy Doll products at your nearby department store yet? It’s a Korean-inspired brand distributed by a Thai company, Karmarts, and it came to the Philippine market with a bang. I was able to attend the launch event on behalf of Project Vanity and was wowed by the humongous lineup of makeup and skincare items they brought in. You can pretty much shop for head-to-toe products from this brand, and the offerings are affordable—perhaps on the higher range of drugstore prices, but reasonable.

I was so overwhelmed with what to try out first that I couldn’t even decide what to write about. Luckily, I ran out of feminine wash, and so the circumstance made the decision for me. Let’s discuss Cathy Doll Come On Baby Intimate Cleansing Gel Very Sensitive (PHP 169).


Cathy Doll Come On Baby Very Sensitive Intimate Cleansing Gel

Quick Specs: 100 ml ; made in Korea



Is it complicated for you to shop for feminine hygiene products? I don’t really mind trying out different brands, though I always hear girlfriends getting technical when it comes to which brand is gyno-recommended and what you should and shouldn’t have in an intimate wash. But I don’t think I’m particularly sensitive when it comes to such things so, as I’ve said, it isn’t much of an issue. Compatibility will differ from person to person.

The funnily-named Come On Baby is contained in a sturdy and compact plastic bottle with a cute bikini-clad torso on the label. The feminine hygiene product is easily dispensed at just the right amounts, and out comes the cloudy, unscented gel. Lather is light, but activates easily. It doesn’t have any post-wash sensation (cooling and such). I have not suffered any itching, dryness or irritation in the two weeks that I have been using it, so it’s a ‘Yes’ for me.


Verdict: This has been a positive introduction to the Cathy Doll brand! They have such a wide range that it felt like a game of roulette,  but I lucked out on an often-tricky body care product. It’s a big deal to others that their feminine wash not be perfumed, and this falls under the description. Now, I’m off to try lotions and moisturizers next!

*I received this product free-of-charge from Cathy Doll after attending a media event for Project Vanity. I was not otherwise compensated to write this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


One thought on “Cathy Doll Come On Baby Intimate Cleansing Gel

  1. […] Cathy Doll Come On Baby Intimate Cleansing Gel Very Sensitive – Definitely super-mild formula, but it actually lathers up even if the gel looks watery. The only thing I notice is that it doesn’t maintain…umm… freshness as long as other intimate washes do. Perhaps it doesn’t affect/change the “flora” of the area as much? […]

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