Biore Perfect Cleansing Water

If I had to rate my beauty product usage, the Top 3 High Turnover/Most Used Items in my collection are lotion, makeup remover, and face wash (in that order). Now, if I had to rate my makeup remover types by matter of preference and frequency of use, it would be cleansing gel/cleansing oil, micellar water, and bi-phase makeup remover. The first is because it’s convenient and doesn’t require cotton pads. Micellar water becomes the default when the former isn’t available, while bi-phase is just for waterproof mascara days.

The micellar cleanser I’m currently testing right now is a bottle of Biore Perfect Cleansing Water that I got on a trip to Malaysia. (From the local reviews I’ve read, the Philippine counterpart appears to be exactly the same in formulation, save for it being unscented.)

Quick Specs: 90 ml ; made in Vietnam

Is it just me, or have you also noticed that micellar water usually comes in such travel-friendly bottles? The last one I used, Bioderma, and this one by Biore are all available in compact sizes. And now I realize that I usually bring micellar cleansers on travels as opposed to the bulky pump bottles of cleansing gels and cleansing oils. (So really, I still need to have at least one bottle of micellar water in my stash at all times!)

Local price of the 90ml bottle is at P190. I don’t do much counting on a per ml basis, but I think that price is reasonable for wanting to try out a small bottle. As previously mentioned, the Biore micellar water from Singapore/Malaysia is scented and smells of light, refreshing florals. It’s sweet and somewhat citrusy. Even with the mild fragrance, I didn’t get any irritation from using this.

I find the formula effective in quickly stripping away non-waterproof makeup, down to long-wear brow products. A single, soaked cotton pad used back-to-back is enough to take most makeup off, but two cotton pads are ideal to completely take my typical full-face off. Makeup loosens in 1-2 swipes. This alcohol-free makeup remover is gentle and doesn’t sting my eyes.

Verdict: It may have taken a year or two longer for Biore to come to the Philippines, but I’m glad that it did. We need more drugstore micellar water!


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