Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in 3-Way

For a beauty junkie, I am surprisingly stubborn (and unsurprisingly fickle) when it comes to making purchases online. Either the things that make me go “Ooooh!” are lemmings, or I usually just want one item and don’t want to bother looking for cart-fillers to make the minimum on free shipping. (That’s mainly the reason I love consolidating orders with friends.) And so the search for metallic liquid lipsticks was put on-hold indefinitely.

But then I found myself manning the Project Vanity booth in a recent bazaar right next to online seller, Pretty Moody, and there was a lot of chatting and checking out of goods going on. She was able to convince me to buy the Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in 3-Way (USD 6; PHP 400) after obsessing over it the whole day (and probably annoying the hell out of the people around me in the process).


Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip 3Way

Quick Specs: 2.85 g / 0.10 oz ; made in USA

I’ve sworn off most matte liquid lipsticks, because I prefer the creamy comfort of regular/satin lipsticks. But… but… metallic! The image of Pat McGrath’s take on the molten metallic lip is still emblazoned in my brain, and I’m sure as shizz on the lookout for dupes! This:

So how does Colourpop’s attempt on metallic lips fare?

In standard Colourpop liquid lipstick fashion, the packaging is the same plastic with silver accent and doe foot applicator. There is a stopper inside, but I feel like it still picks up way too much product, so I have to let the applicator catch at the sides to remove the excess. The doe foot is looking a little threadbare-ish, but it seems like Colourpop doe foot applicators aren’t particularly “furry”. (Wish they’d improve that in the future.) As with typical matte liquid lipstick, it is ideal to apply in ultra thin layers to prevent a caked, clumpy look.


Doe Foot

For those who aren’t fans of the Lippie Stix scent, you’ll be glad to know that the Ultra Metallic Lip is unscented. Even with the thin doe foot fur, I didn’t have much trouble applying the product neatly. I do two layers to get satisfactory opacity, but I have to wait for each layer to dry as the lip color does tend to clump up or settle on lip lines. From other reviews I’ve seen, it appears that opacity varies from color to color and this one just so happens to be one of the least pigmented/opaque in the lineup.



Why is the shade called 3-Way??? No idea, but it is described on the Colourpop site as a “plummy pink with gold sparkle”, while I would say that it’s a reddish or rosy plum with fine gold shimmer. It’s like how you would interpret “rose+gold” instead of the typical coppery rose gold.


On the lips

Even when fully dry, 3-Way doesn’t completely set. It transfers with the lightest touch, but doesn’t feather on the edges. After meals, it does leave a lipstick ring, so immediate retouches are a must. It’s a comfy matte metallic finish versus the glossy molten metal effect. Not gonna lie, I was hoping it would be the latter as this finish lightly brings to mind 90’s frosted lipstick. Maybe a modern revival of that? The formula doesn’t dry lips out, so I don’t need to prep my lips beforehand. Moisture completely dries up in 3 hours, but still looks and feels fine.


Verdict: Colourpop 3 Way is a pretty color and probably the transitional shade to pick when you want to be on the safe side of the metallic lip color spectrum. True enough, I’m not quite ready for gunmetal or bronze. Aside from 3-Way, the more reddish Kween is the universally flattering/safe shade.


See my review of Colourpop Lippie Stix in Pitch and Flawless.

For more on Pretty Moody, follow her IG HERE.


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