W-Lab 3D Face Shading Stick

Methinks I will always have a cream product or two in my beauty stash, no matter how many times I sing the praises of powder makeup. Some part of me still hasn’t evolved past the harried college student who relied on 3-in-1 sticks to get most of my makeup done. When I’m trying to breeze through my FOTD but still look like I made the effort, I’ll grab a lip-and-cheek cream or W-Lab 3D Face Shading Stick (PHP 600) that I picked up from Althea Korea on one of my hauls.

W-Lab 3D Face Shading Stick

W-Lab 3D Face Shading Stick

Quick Specs: 11 g / made in Korea

I discovered this quick-fix contour solution during a work photo shoot. For my bit, I was getting ready to demonstrate a makeup look, and the boss lady added contour as a finishing touch to my nose using this very product. Up until that point, I had always thought that contouring was going to be a long and arduous process of finding specific angles to shade, but it was a few dabs of the contour stick and a few blending strokes of a foundation brush that got the job done. And so I dared to dream.

The easy-to-use twist-up stick features a generous amount of product at 11g. I was torn between one of these vs. another Kbeauty brand’s 2-in-1 contour and highlight stick, but ended up opting for W-lab from the amount of product I’d get. The diameter of the creamy contour inside is wide enough to get the hollows of the cheeks in a single swipe, and it’s easy to use at an angle to shade the sides of my nose. I also purchased an It’s My Angle Foundation Brush (also from Althea; PHP 192) to help blend everything together:

It's My Brush Angle Foundation Brush

It’s My Brush Angle Foundation Brush

As it turns out, I often do not have a need for the foundation/contour brush as the formula of the W-lab 3D Face Stick is creamy enough to blend with the fingers. Light patting is enough to fade the edges of the contour to make it look more natural. Now, I have to ask: Are contour products generally one-shade-fits-all? Because it seems that way. The single available shade of the 3D Shading Stick looks a little too warm, though it is manageable once blended. But as a matter of preference, ashier shades appeal to my peace of mind.

Before Blending

Before Blending

Longevity is good, with slight, gradual fading throughout the day. It doesn’t look like anything is lopsided or amiss, so the fade away looks natural.

After Blending

Verdict: For those who need their daily dose of quickie contouring, this creamy shading stick makes the on-the-go work a bit easier. I see myself using this, if contouring had been a big thing back then. It would go with the other contents of my vanity kit at the time, cream blush and cream eyeshadow. lol

*Bloggers were treated to a shopping spree on Althea. I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


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