Dove Dry Shampoo

Short of getting regular hair rebonding sessions, the only other way I know (so far!) to help my unruly hair look somewhat acceptable is to wear it out on its second day. But there’s one hitch: Towards the end of my second-day hair, my scalp does start to get oily. I’ve taken to using Dove Dry Shampoo (PHP 280) to help keep things fresh until the next hair-washing.

Dove Dry Shampoo

Dove Dry Shampoo

Quick Specs: 141 g / 5 oz ; made in USA



From what I know of the dry shampoo selection available locally, Dove’s is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) out there. I usually see other brands go from PHP 500 upwards. Indeed, what tempted me to purchase two cans of this stuff was the affordable price and the promise of a free tote bag from a promotion at the time.

Dove Refresh + Care Volume Dry Shampoo

Dove Refresh + Care Volume Dry Shampoo

The aerosol spray can is medium-sized. It’s not exactly the most compact, but it also isn’t too chunky like the hairspray cans of yesteryear. A fine mist with a very strong floral-fruity scent is released. I haven’t tried a lot of dry shampoos to know if this is the SOP for usage, but this one has a pleasant albeit penetrating smell that I can practically taste, so I have to hold my breath during the spraying and massaging of the product into the roots. The result is instantly refreshed hair, slightly less gunky than before. However, it does NOT result in matte hair, even when you spray to the point of suffocation. (Then again, isn’t hair supposed to have a healthy sheen to it anyway?) So if you still think that your hair is still somewhat greasy-looking afterwards, smooth a little baby powder on the high-shine areas after the spray has fully dried in order to help it along.

Top: Before; Bottom: After

Top: Before; Bottom: After, a slight sheen is still there

The fresh scent does last all day on the hair, but I find that I still have to use regular shampoo when I get home. I have that kind of persistent scalp that oils up again within a few hours. But I suppose it’s a case-to-case basis for different types of hair/scalp.

Verdict: If you want a dry shampoo that focuses on hair refreshing properties, primarily with regards to scent, then this is a good drugstore-priced bet. It helps mask the icky smell of hair on a humid day or even some food smells from a poorly ventilated restaurant. If you have an extra oily type of scalp, get this if you also don’t mind bringing along the baby powder.


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