Maybelline Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation

Do you have top buys from each beauty brand? It’s when you have re-purchased the same category from a single brand over and over that you already have that instant association in your head. For example, my top buys are: brow products = K-palette; eyeshadow = Tarte/Bobbi Brown; and pressed face powder = Maybelline. I have consistently been buying powder foundations from them as the quality and value for money are spot-on to me. I recently started using Maybelline Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation in 02 Nude Beige (refill compact at PHP 169 SRP), and I’ve already purchased my backup during a sale.


Maybelline Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation

Quick Specs: 9 g / 0.32 oz ; made in China



Previously, I tried Maybelline White Superfresh Powder Foundation and liked how it wouldn’t look cakey no matter how many times I layered it on or *gasp* touched-up on oily skin without blotting beforehand. (Impressive, though I wish there was a bigger shade selection for all their powder foundation variants.) From that positive experience, I had high expectations of Clearsmooth foundation.

I prefer the refill compacts to the full-sized ones with mirror, because I always take pressed powders in my constantly overflowing makeup kit. Precious real estate and whatnot. The design is is snug and compact, with the provided sponge fitting perfectly inside.

I am originally NC15, but I’ve gone to NC20 now after a trip to the beach. 02 Nude Beige works for my NC15 skin. A thin layer over NC20 is okay, but doing 2 or more layers gives off a pale, powdered look. Probably partly due to the SPF 32. As mentioned before, there are only 4 available shades, though I wish there would be more.

Swatched: The highlighted part in the middle is the powder

Swatched: The highlighted part in the middle is the powder

The finely-milled powder applies smoothly and evenly with a satin-matte finish. (Very natural look that I would’ve killed for in high school!) Coverage is on the sheer side of light to medium. There’s still the slightest hint of redness peeking out from my cheeks after 2 layers. Blemishes and hyperpigmentation are’t covered that well, so concealer is still required. I like to use Maybelline powder foundations as setting powders over liquid foundation. They don’t easily look cakey, so I get a nice layering of face bases going. Longevity is average, requiring touch-ups to the nose, chin, and forehead after 2 hours.

Your Left: Powder over liquid foundation; Your Right: 2 layers of powder over bare skin

Verdict: Where White Superfresh is for oily skin (as it absorbs oil and sweet fast), Clearsmooth All in One is great for normal to dry skin types as it doesn’t exacerbate dry patches and doesn’t look too flat matte. The refill is a great drugstore buy that will fit into small purses and travel well, making it one of those surprisingly awesome finds that I plan to repurchase.


4 thoughts on “Maybelline Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation

  1. […] Maybelline Clearsmooth All in One Powder Foundation – I’ve found a worthy replacement for my beloved Pixy Two-Way Cake. Clearsmooth Foundation doesn’t cake and the tinting helps mildly correct too-light or too-dark base makeup. I love how compact it is. There’s a backup waiting for me already […]

  2. I am using White Superfresh and have used Clearsmooth All In One before. Although i have oily skin, i might go back to Clearsmooth. I like how it looks on my skin and the oil control promise of White Superfresh is not working on me. Maybelline’s foundation in the purple square compact (i forgot the name) has good coverage and makes my skin look flawless but i think it’s phased out already.

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