NOTD: Solique Gel Polish in Hush

I have never been one to get my nails professionally done as I am rather paranoid about the sterilization of tools that some salons are using. However, I went to this one event at a popular nail salon and was wowed by their mani-pedi service. I decided to return a few months later to a different branch to have my nails done for a formal event. Big mistake. My toe nails were over-scraped and eventually started tearing off at the edges.

After recovering from those nightmarish jagged toenails, I am now back and completely satisfied with doing my own mani-pedi work at the moment. So let’s discuss Solique Gel Nail Polish in Hush by Girlstuff (PHP 180).

Solique Hush

Solique Hush

Quick Specs: 11 ml ; made in France



Solique nail polishes are no-UV, no-soak gel polishes that come in Girlstuff’s standard wave-shaped bottle with their usual brush. Said brush is on the narrow and small side, but I find it works with the formula. The distribution of polish is ok, considering I have big hands (and nails). Of course, I will always prefer a wide brush.

As with most light-colored nail polishes, Hush doesn’t have the most even application. There is a tendency to look streaky, so I usually do 3 coats to get it to a satisfactory level of opacity. Hush is a very pale peachy-pink shade, like cream with a hint of peach to it. It’s a way of wearing an ultra-light color without looking like you use correction fluid to paint your nails.

Using a quick-dry top coat (non-Solique brand), the polish lasted about 2 days before showing the first signs of chipping.

Verdict: I’m kind of disappointed by the longevity as I was expecting at least 3 days of wear to give it average staying power. But pale, pale colors are tricky to find, and Solique Hush is the first moderately priced one I’ve gotten that has a nicer level of opacity and dries fairly fast.


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