The Althea Mobile App is Here and An Althea Christmas Haul

Here’s the deal: I treat makeup and skincare shopping as seriously as I do gadget-shopping. As in, I make these wishlists and canvas prices carefully before making purchases. Most of the time, I am even patient enough to wait for a sale before “pouncing”. So the development of an app that can help me find my next great Kbeauty buy naturally sounds like an excellent idea. And the Althea Korea App, available on both iOS and Android, makes that next shopping session so much easier.

Kbeauty Made Easy: The Althea App

Kbeauty Made Easy: The Althea App

Read more to explore the app and to take a peek at my haul!

In a nutshell, the Althea app design is the minimalist version of the site. It presents pretty much the same information (prices, ingredients, directions, swatches, etc), but in a way that can be quicker and easier to navigate from a mobile device. You still get the home page with all the promo announcements and featured products, but then there’s the simplified menu that allows for one-tap access to your wishlist, shopping cart, search field, and favorite brands. User-friendly interface? Yes!

Front page, favorite brands, search option, and wishlist

Front Page, Favorite Brands, Search Option (with suggested searches), and Wishlist

The very first time I purchased from Althea Korea Philippines, I spent about 2 days beforehand making a wishlist of stuff I wanted. The mobile version was okay, but since there were a lot of dropdown menus on the site that were a bit tricky to tap from my phone, it was much easier to just get on a desktop to browse thoroughly. But in addition to the quick menus shown above, the info on the app loads faster and has filters that help customers sort through categories and budgets.


Main Category (Makeup) > Featured Products > Filter Price and Subcategory > More Subcategories for a Specific Search


I also love that I can add products to my wishlist without needing to explore the product’s designated page beforehand. Just click on the little heart and it’s done! As for checkout, there are still the same modify and delete options as the desktop site. I was able to complete the transaction pretty much the same way as always (redirected to Paypal, in my case). So if you are a regular Althea or Kbeauty online shopper, I think you will find their app most useful. 🙂


Easy Wishlist, Follow Brands, and Checkout

And now we get to the unboxing! For the holidays, Althea has a special blue Christmas box that’s giftable and a special card with promo code inside for your next purchase.


Althea Christmas Box

Inside the box…


Althea Korea Skincare and Makeup

  1. The Saem Iceland Hydrating Emulsion (PHP 600)
  2. The Saem Iceland Hydrating Essence (PHP 680)
  3. Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake [Freebie Promo] (PHP 180)
  4. Jill2 24Hr Urban Escape Serum (PHP 440)
  5. Witch’s Pouch Selfie Fix Pigment in Pin Up (PHP 220)
  6. The Saem Eco Soul Lip Oil in Honey (PHP 320)
  7. Missha Crystal Pigment in Dark Sugar(PHP 370)

Assorted Skincare and Makeup


Reviews coming soon!

*Bloggers were treated to a shopping spree on Althea. I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


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