Lipstick Queen Frog Prince

I like to think that part of the appeal in playing with makeup is the addition of a “magic touch” to FOTDs. It doesn’t always have to be a major transformation. It could be a hint of sparkle here and there or a lit from within glow, subtle alterations that can brighten up the face. One such product that has a reputation for giving lips a flattering rosy boost is Lipstick Queen Frog Prince (USD 25).

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince

Quick Specs: 0.12 oz / 3.5 g ; made in Canada



Lipstick Queen products have an unabashedly luxe appearance to them. You might’ve heard of their version of the ultimate lippie splurge, the Velvet Rope line of lipsticks. Said USD 50 lipstick has a packaging that is metallic, magnetic, and heavy. But their regular packaging can hold its own. It’s frosted metallic with a certain heft, and the box it comes in has that added detail of artwork. (Frog Prince illustrations, in the case of the lipstick I’m discussing today.)

Green Lipstick

Green Lipstick

The biggest brow-raising factor is how the lipstick itself is green, but manages to change color once swiped on the lips. But the transformation isn’t instantaneous, especially if you are applying a thick amount. Give it 5 seconds to work its magic, and then you will have the subtlest tinge of touch rosy pink. Not the bright pink that I see in some magic lipsticks, but something closer to the natural lip color. I say subtlest as I have previously compared several brands of magic lipsticks in a swatchfest, and that is the result I got. It also doesn’t leave much of a stain, if any.



The formula glides on smooth, much in the way that a lip balm would “melt” on the lips. There is a faint buttery scent I detect, but I can only smell it from the tube. Moisture is at the average 2-3 hours, and the stain left is a very faint reddish pink on my naturally pigmented lips.

Verdict: Magic lipsticks are exactly new innovations, but there is that sense of 90’s nostalgia that makes us want to give them another shot. In the case of Lipstick Queen, this is a luxe way of walking down memory lane. But I do find that Frog Prince has quite a sophisticated take on the trend, and the universally flattering result successfully combines a childhood favorite with present-day chic.


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