Hask Chia Seed Oil Collection

New year, new resolutions? Just trying to eat better by being partial to higher quality ingredients. I was chatting with my cousin who has lived in Europe for half a decade now, and she’s been emphatic about investing in more wholesome ingredients. (She’s a big Jamie Oliver fan, so basically it’s something along that train of thinking.)

One of the recipes she has recently shared is her chia seed bowl (yogurt, milk, muesli, honey, and chia seeds) and I have been converted by how this super ingredient has positively affected my system. And if you’re wondering where else chia seeds can go, let me introduce you to the Hask Chia Seed Oil Collection for hair care!


Hask Chia Seed Oil

Quick Specs: shampoo and conditioner at 12 fl oz. / 355 ml each ; made in USA


Ingredients — Top: Shampoo; Bottom: Conditioner

I have reviewed two other Hask collections in the past, namely, the Bamboo Oil Strengthening Collection and the Charcoal Purifying Collection. In contrast with the first two, the antioxidant-rich Chia Seed Oil collection consists of shampoo and conditioner, no hair oil or deep conditioner. It is targeted for adding volume and body to hair.

Hask products have distinct scents to them that set them apart from the typical grocery store shampoos. This collection has a citrus-fruity-floral mix going on that is reminiscent of Hask’s own Charcoal line. It’s mostly floral with hints of dried citrus peel, clean and refreshing.

Having naturally thick hair, volume is more of a concern for me on the roots. The shampoo lathers nicely without drying, so it helps keep the strands feeling lightweight. I also get non-greasy moisture from the conditioner without weighing down hair, likely due to the HydraBoost technology that nourishes while preventing frizz.

Additionally, these products are free of: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors.

Verdict: I find the quality of Hask products to be blissfully consistent with each other in terms of quality (rich lather and non-drying cleanse), regardless of their special features and scents. And if you are specifically in the market for weightless products, you might want to add the Chia Seed collection to your lineup.

For more information on Hask products, visit their website HERE.

* I received this product free-of-charge from Hask via Brandbacker for editorial consideration. I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


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