Bling On: What’s Inside the Althea Glitter Box

Off the top of my head, there are two ways to make an FOTD more distinct: Color and shimmer/sparkle/glitter. The former is something that I’ve only just started to tap into this year, while the latter has been a longtime go-to that started way back when I was a teenager.

From experience, I can safely say that shimmer, sparkle, and glitter can be as subtle or as bold as you want it to be, depending on where they are positioned and how they are diffused. So you can imagine the fun I had when Althea Korea gave me the chance to experience glitter galore with their limited edition Glitter Box (PHP 1,370).

Althea Glitter Box

Althea Glitter Box

Discover the contents with me!

The specially curated box allows you to add that extra bit of “pixie dust” to various parts of the face, from eyes to cheeks to nails. Here’s what’s inside:

For on-the-go eyes, the box contains two random colors of Amiok (Am Ok? AMOK?) Premium Eye Glow. The shades I got were #510 Grace Purple, a rose gold-mauve and #901 Crystal White, a platinum white with tiny white sparkles. Both diffuse well, so they can be used by themselves as lid wash. But I acually prefer to use them as base shadows. Crystal White provides a “blank slate” that helps other shadow colors stand out more, whereas Grace Purple is closer to the skintone and, therefore, more subtle as a base.

The shadows are dispensed from the tube via a doefoot applicator with a foam stopper that soaks up the excess. However, the surprising feature of the packaging is the the twisting [black] base that’s connected to a rubber blade inside the tube. When you rotate the base, the creamy formula inside gets “churned” or mixed, perhaps to maintain the consistency of the product. And I noticed that there was some oil lightly leaking from the base when I opened their boxes. But none of the shadows have spilled, so no harm done.

Next up, the ABBAMART Brown Smoky Palette is a quad that allows for the creation of a subtler smoky look. All four shadows have a shimmery finish.

For customizeable sparkle, there are three shades of RiRe Pigment included, namely, Snow White (silver), Gold Clutch (gold bronze), and Peach Peach (coppery gold). They are pure loose sparkle pigments in chunky bits. They can be used underneath shadows for a “backlit” glow or over shadow for something more in-your-face. As they are loose pigments, fallout is inevitable, so I suggest placing a tissue underneath the eye area while applying. I also lightly press the sparkle onto the lid to prevent the stuff from flying everywhere.

RiRe Pigment

RiRe Pigment

To accentuate the lower lashline and the inner corners, Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in Pink Topaz (pale gold and white sparkle on a pearly peach-pink base) is the high shimmer, sparkle-packed solution. The pencil is quite soft and delivers high pigment, so I recommend using a very light hand to apply. (Trust me, it is EXTREME.) Once set, the liner doesn’t move around, so it is both pigmented and long-wearing.

To cap off the look is a beautiful pale beige glow on the complexion courtesy of the Aritaum Magic Contouring Highlighter in No. 2. The shade is subtle, as opposed to the high-profile light reflection from all the other products, but that same subtlety helps prevent the “disco ball” look of having too much sparkle on the face.

Finally, here are swatches and the FOTD I usually do using the Althea Glitter Box:

From Left to Right: Aritaum Magic Contouring Highlighter, AMOK Premium Eye Glow in Crystal White and Grace Purple, Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner, RiRe Pigment (Gold Clutch, Peach Peach, and Snow White), Brown Smoky Palette (Gold Honey 2, Cinamon, Bitter Chocolate, and Bebob Jazz)

For this look, I used AMOK Premium Eye Glow in Crystal White all over the lids as a base shadow. Cinamon goes onto the crease as a transition shadow, then Bebob Jazz on the outer corner. I used Bitter Chocolate as a wash of shimmer on the middle of the lids, followed by Gold Honey 2 on the inner corners. I pressed some RiRe Pigment in Gold Clutch below the crease to intensify the sparkle. For the lower lashline, I made it look brighter by applying the Holika Holika eyeliner from end to end. Finally, I applied the Aritaum Highlighter on the tops of my cheeks and temples.

The Glitter Box also includes the ABBAMART White Base Shadow Brush and Innisfree Self Nail Jewel Sticker.

Verdict: This was my first Althea-curated beauty box, and the biggest impression it made on me was how thoughtful the curation of contents were. I was easily able to create an entire look, and the provided colors gave variations to change things up.

A little info on Althea Beauty Boxes: As mentioned before, they are limited editions that run out of stock quickly. And that’s because the boxes contain full-sized items (and occasionally some items that aren’t yet sold individually on Althea). In terms of value-for-money, you do get a sweet deal as you know exactly what you’ll be getting and the price value of the items inside the boxes surpass the price of the box by a lot. For example, the boxes are usually priced at PHP 1,000+, but you are getting a collection of items that are worth PHP 3,000+ to PHP 8,000+. Check out Althea’s other limited edition boxes HERE.

*I was sent the Althea Glitter Box free-of-charge for review purposes. I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


4 thoughts on “Bling On: What’s Inside the Althea Glitter Box

    • I’m discovering a lot of cool stuff on Althea! They seem to be carrying new brands every month. TBH, I’ve only heard of Abbamart the first time this year, so I want to check out their other products as well. 🙂

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