Miniso Cotton Pads Pink 180 Count

Just a quick post today about a great value buy! There was once a discussion among Project Vanity writers about where to score the best cotton pads, and the vote went to the ones being sold at foreign brand budget stores. (You probably know which ones I’m referring to.) I have become accustomed to getting my cotton pad fix from those stores, but the one I frequent hasn’t had them in stock for months now, and my supply was running dangerously low.

Luckily, my prayers were answered when I stumbled upon a throng of people shopping at a Miniso, and my curiosity led me to getting my hoard on, starting withg 180 pieces of Pink Cotton Pads (PHP 99; USD 2)!


Miniso 180-pc Cotton Pads

Quick Specs: made in China

The thing is… I have no idea what is written on the sealed ziploc packaging of this bag of cotton pads. It just says “Only the Purest” and 80% and 20% of something, but I’m seeing a confusing mix of Japanese and Chinese words. There is an English-language sticker label at the back, but it only calls the material “degreasing cotton”. *shrugs*

At the store, I was trying to examine the material of the cotton and praying that it would be the soft kind. (Believe me, I’ve picked up pads that looked soft, but ended up scraping at my skin.) I was pleased to find that it was actually the dual-ended kind, with one side soft, fine, and flat and the other side with an exfoliating “netted” cotton sheet. It just so happens that the soft side is in the cutest shade of blush pink.

Dual-ended Pads

Dual-ended Pads

I have put these pads to the test, and I’m glad to report that they passed! The material stays firm, even when wet with toner, and the pink color doesn’t seem to transfer. It stretches out a little bit with pressure applied, but does not disintegrate or turn fuzzy. I just stick to using the pads purely for toner, using the “rough” side for when I wore makeup that day. (To take any remnants off.) If you’re using a hydrating line of skincare (i.e. non-alcohol toner and a creamy lotion/emulsion), you can even use both sides to stretch out the usability of a single pad. Quite economical, yes?

Verdict: Praying that Miniso doesn’t run out of stock of these cotton pads! And if you want to try something else, they do have maybe 10 kinds to choose from, ranging from ultra thin (for that toner/lotion as sheet mask trend) to textured (for exfoliation).


3 thoughts on “Miniso Cotton Pads Pink 180 Count

  1. My dictionary app says “80% cotton, 20% plant fiber” I like that it has the net side, but I’m still too cheap to use cotton pads for anything other than really heavy makeup lol

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