Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer

This is about 6 months delayed, but I’m about to share my very first Sephora Philippines purchase. Oooh, where did the time go? Let me tell you what happened: I got the products, shot them ASAP, giddily started using them, then forgot to actually document. *facepalm* And, yes, this happens to me A LOT. I get too obsessed with savoring the stuff that I don’t remember to jot down my impressions.

To play catch-up, I intend to use the first half of 2017 just going through the backlog. And, if you’ve been following the recent entries, it’s all about the beauty tools at the moment! Here is Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer (PHP 1,240; USD 27.50)!


Sephora PH Haul: A Zoeva brush and a Becca highlighter value set

Quick Specs: 17.8 cm

Not much of a blind-buyer, so the story of why I wanted to get this popular Zoeva brush started when I went to Project Vanity headquarters early last year for a shoot. The fan-girl in me is going to divulge that it was like walking into a beauty museum, seeing a lot of the site-featured products in the flesh. And one of them was the Zoeva Luxe Definer! After touching, feeling, and trying, it was already on my radar. And when I decided to spring for a Becca value set sometime later, I also included Zoeva to the cart. Go big, or go home, right?


A hefty and luxurious beauty tool

As you can see in the very first pic, all Zoeva brushes come in a nifty, reusable ziploc case. The Zoeva Face Definer, in particular, also had a clear plastic tube that served as a brush guard. The handle of the brush is in a shimmery black color with a glossy finish, and it appears that it is made out of wood. (But don’t quote me on that! That’s the impression I got from the brush’s heft.)  The hairs are of a natural-synthetic blend.


Natural and synthetic mix

Now onto the main act: Zoeva Luxe Face Definer is nothing short of rave-worthy. The design—super-soft and fluffy hairs arranged in a wide, diamond/tapered shape—is brilliant as an all-purpose brush for various forms of powder makeup. I have used it to apply foundation, blush, highlighter, contour, and bronzer, and it is a marvel how easy it is to work it at different angles for each purpose. Powder foundation and setting powder are evenly applied and get to the nooks and crannies of the face, better than other brushes/sponges I have used. The tapered tip allows for contour and bronzer to be dusted over specific areas without looking streaky, while blush and highlighter has a soft, diffused glow. The fluffiness of the brush covers a lot of ground without the need for pressure, so the makeup underneath doesn’t migrate.

I must mention, however, that the white hairs have the tendency to stain with the colored makeup, particularly blush. But this doesn’t bother me so much as I’ve fully accepted that using the cream-colored 101 brush regularly with bronzer and blush will inevitably lead to that. BTW, I don’t use any special brush cleaner. Just a non-drying body wash that works on all my brushes, drugstore and luxe, alike.

Here’s an FOTD I did using the Zoeva 101 brush for most of the face/complexion makeup:

FaceBobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Sand, The Saem Cover Perfection Pot Concealer in 01 Clear Beige, Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Powder Foundation in 02 Nude Beige, Zoeva Pink Spectrum Blush Palette (PK030), Sleek Highlighting Palette in Cleopatra’s Kiss.

Eyes – Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Brow Kit in Perfect Taupe, In2It Eye Colour Palette in Sorbet Deluxe, Eye of Horus Liquid Define in Babylon BrownCovergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara in Perry Blue.

LipsHappy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Naughty and Nice.


Verdict: Zoeva takes the concept of the fluffy powder brush seriously and goes one step further by creating a shape that makes the Luxe Definer a competitive all-purpose tool. If you live for powder makeup and you’re ready for a luxurious experience, this should be on your radar as well.


2 thoughts on “Zoeva 101 Luxe Face Definer

  1. I’m looking for some new brushes actually as I feel like I should expand my collection now. (Literally am still using my first brushes.) I’m looking at a Zoeva brush set which happens to have this fantastic brush you talk about! Great review!

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