The Sunday Currently Vol 3

Surprisingly, this is harder to keep up than I expected! I had to skip last week’s Sunday Currently, because I had to leave the house early again for an appointment. So now that the dust has settled (and I’m sick at home), I’ll be last Sunday and this Sunday to Vol 3.

Reading — Found this repost on FB about a Fifty Shades parody Twitter account that is too funny! 50 Nerds of Grey.

Writing — A quick blog post for tomorrow. 🙂

Listening — DeBarge, Rhythm of the NightFor some reason, I always thought that the song was by Gloria Estefan. Turns out, the main vocals on that track is actually by a guy!

Thinking — Of the Nars workshop I attended last week. It was conducted by Albert Kurniawan, makeup artist to Heart Evangelista. I’m trying to recall the Nars makeup philosophy and how it compares and contrasts to MAC and Bobbi Brown. I feel like Nars is a lot like MAC. Very experimental. They encourage you to explore makeup application with different methods. I was surprised that there were no strict rules when it came to techniques.

Smelling — Givenchy Reve d’Escapade. It’s this perfume I bought 2 years ago that I love to bits. I had to transfer the contents to another bottle as the sprayer broke. Will be posting the how-to on that soon.

Wishing — I had more time to do everything.

Hoping — I finish at least 1 article tonight. I need inspiration!

Wearing — Floral top I wore to the grocery store earlier. Had to run a quick errand.

Loving — That I was able to prepare food again after such a long time. It was pasta and salad, but I miss making food exactly how I like it. And I also love easy recipes.

Becca Amethyst Highlighter, photo via (from Becca's IG)

Becca Amethyst Highlighter, photo via (from Becca’s IG)

Wanting — Purple highlighter! It’s one of those fantastic things that I’m not sure if I should even dare to dream of. Purple can be a tricky makeup color to pull off, and a friend just mentioned that purple highlighter can just be an Instagram trend. (Meaning, it looks good there, but good luck working it in real life.) So if there is a drugstore one I can play with, I want in!

Needing — to eat more veggies. I got some salad ingredients from the grocery to help things along.

Feeling — Sniffly. 😦

Clicking — on Mailchimp. I have to do the Project Vanity newsletter.

*The Sunday Currently is a tag started by Camellia Vignettes, formerly known as SiddaThornton. If you want to do the tag, please don’t forget to give credit!


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