Strip Manila Mulled Wine Wax

The holidays are over, but I sure do miss that season the most. Off the top of my head, the three things I love are: the extended mall hours (and malls besting each other in the sparkling decor), the onslaught of holiday beauty value sets, and the whole sensorial experience that it is. There are comforting flavors and smells that go along with the most wonderful time of year, and Strip Manila makes your next wax session a nostalgic one with the release of their limited edition Mulled Wine Wax.

Strip Megamall

Read about my experience….

This isn’t my first time to get a hair removal service at Strip Manila. My first time was for the Strip ICE service that left my legs blissfully hair free for 3 months. This time, I went back for a bikini wax service. But fear not, the only photos you’ll find are of the facilities!

Neat and Tidy Supplies

Personal Grooming kit

Like the last time I was there, the room was neat, I was provided my own sealed grooming kit (that will be used for the service), and the attendant was assuring and well-trained, As promised by Strip, the session lasted around 30 minutes, and the attendant worked in a most hygienic way. She was also sensitive to customer comfort levels, asking several times if the wax was too hot or if the pain was manageable. They do strike up a nice conversation, and it does distract from the pain and makes the process less awkward IMHO!

Left to Right: Mulled Wine Wax, Strawberry Wax, and Chocolate Wax

So what precisely is the mulled wine wax, and how is it different from their usual wax scent options? Not that you’ll be spending much time looking at area to be treated, but the wax is an interesting burgundy color with a scent that will give you an idea of what a European Christmas is like. There’s a pronounced red wine and cinnamon aroma, but there’s also orange and cloves in there as well. It is reminiscent of a holiday scented candle, but less artificial and with more wine. Now, this particular variant has moisturizing, soothing effects that come from aloe vera and chamomile. This particularly feels reassuring when you plan to remove hair from your intimate areas. And in case you’re curious, the strawberry variant is for fine hairs, while the chocolate one is for thicker hairs, according to my attendant.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it in this blog before, but I have a cousin based in Europe who often makes me try the cuisines on her side of the pond. Just last Christmas, we decided to have a Swedish-themed holiday celebration, complete with gingerbread cookies, licorice, salty-licious Vasterbotten cheese, and glogg (Nordic take on mulled wine). And yes, smelling the mulled wine wax actually brought me to that memorable celebration in an almost Ratatouille-esque fashion. 🙂

Afterwards, I did feel like my skin stayed smooth (not battered!) and non-irritated until regrowth eventually began.

If you want to get your wax on with this limited edition scent, it is available for the rest of this month. An underarm wax goes for PHP 798, while a Brazilian wax sesh is at PHP 1,798. You get peace-of-mind with the excellent hygiene practices and the friendly attendants.

For more info, you can visit the STRIP Manila’s website and Facebook account.


*I was invited to try the Mulled Wine Wax free-of-charge by STRIP for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


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