Innisfree Kale Anti-Oxidant Lotion

Welcome to The Diary of a Beauty Hoarder. (loljk… No, really…) I have the Innisfree Kale Anti-Oxidant Lotion (estimated PHP 500) here that came with my very first Althea Korea haul. And while it seems that this particular variant is no longer available on Althea, there are still other variants that can be found there.

Innisfree Kale Lotion

Quick Specs: 130 ml ; made in Korea

Let’s get one thing straight: The packaging, while lovely to behold in a minimalist sense, is a bit of a flop for me. The consistency of the lotion is on the thick-ish side, and the non-pump, non-squeeze bottle makes for a most ungraceful dispensing of product as you have to jiggle and bang it like you would a ketchup bottle. Luckily, I found an awesome solution: Transfer the contents to an empty skin lotion pump bottle!

Now that the contents are actually accessible, we’ll move on to application: The kale lotion looks thicker than it actually feels. Scented like an orange-flavored vitamin syrup (a.k.a. Ceelin), the consistency of this light moisturizer is like that of emulsion or something slightly thicker. It can go on top of serum and be used instead of emulsion, if you are into skincare layering. The formula is easily absorbed by the skin and hasn’t negatively reacted to the other moisturizing layers that I am using. I find that it can act as a light moisturizer for when I’m just hanging out at home, or it can go on my drier patches (cheeks) before makeup application. The scent is on the strong side, so consider whether or not you are fine with using something that smells like orange-flavored candy.

Verdict: Not the best packaging design, but it’s pleasant to use once you’ve figured a way around dispensing the lotion.

You can still check out their Broccoli and Blueberry variants on the Althea website.


**Althea pre-launch Beta Testers were treated to a shopping spree on Althea. I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.**


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