Zoeva Love is a Story Eyeshadow Palette

Am I starting a love affair with colorful makeup? Gosh, I hope so! I did experiment with whimsical shades of blue and green a few years ago, but they’re not exactly embraced with open arms in the corporate world. And so I’ve always dubbed them as “editorial colors”. These shades would earn a few stares, and I would get self-conscious. However, the 2010’s make it a-okay to flaunt bold beauty, so I picked up the Zoeva Love is a Story Eyeshadow Palette (PHP 1,106 from Sephora.ph) to have fun with.

Zoeva Love is a Story Palette

Quick Specs: 1.5 g x 10 / 0.05 oz x 10 ; made in Italy


My first Zoeva shadow palette (though I’ve already tried their Pink Spectrum Blush Palette previously), “Love is a Story” may sound like a sweet, feminine blend of pinks and purples, judging from the magnetic-lidded cardboard packaging design. But it’s actually more like the vibrant fairy tale heroine of the 2010’s: bold, creative, and gutsy. Inside are 10 small round pans with the ff. shades:

Swatched, from left to right: Film Star, Affair, Past Romance, Man with a Plan, Ladylike, Over You, Little Kiss, Old fashioned, Flirt, and Mystery Date

Film Star – Light cream base color that can also function as a brow highlighter.

Affair – A baby pink with fine gold shimmer. This can actually be used as a highlighter for your strobing needs.

Past Romance – A somewhat dusty lilac with a sparse smattering of tiny gold sparkles. This is the least pigmented out of the 10 shades.

Man With a Plan – A metallic blackish plum

Ladylike – A striking matte green-blue / teal.

Over You – Mild camel color, making it an excellent transition shade for paler skin types.

Little Kiss – A bronze-tinged copper with a strong metallic finish that is easily the most pigmented of the lot.

Old fashioned – A metallic purple-black.

Flirt – A matte medium gray. Second to Past Romance when it comes to weak pigmentation.

Mystery Date –  A dark, metallic navy blue-black shade.

At first, I was kind of disappointed using this as the shades didn’t quite register the way I had hoped when applied with my various shadow brushes. Sure, they were buildable, but not to the extent that I was expecting… But here’s the funny thing about this palette: With the exception of the three neutral mattes (Film Star, Over You, and Flirt), the shadows actually work waaay better when the pigments are gently pressed on with fingers!  The color intensity builds faster and more evenly, even without the help of primer. Meaning, it actually comes across as super pigmented rather than the slow build I get from using brushes.  Then you just use a clean blending brush to dull out the edges or blend colors together. (Perhaps you can also try a dampened brush to enhance pigmentation, but I have personally not attempted that method yet as using my fingers gets the job done nicely.)

Wear time without primer is at 4-5 hours before creasing starts. I suggest lid primer to get stronger pigmentation from the get go and better longevity.

Verdict: Is this the adult version of finger painting?! I think so, and it is a lot of fun! The curated selection of colors gives off gutsier vibes, but still very much glam and flattering. From other reviews I’ve read, I don’t think that the more neutral-centric Zoeva shadow palettes work better with fingers. Perhaps this is an exception. And you know what? I like this enough that I want to get another palette in the future.

You can also check out the Zoeva Rodeo Belle Palette for another variation on a bold-colored palette.


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