The Face Shop Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion

Summertime! Time to bust out the cushion compacts in an attempt to make my makeup last longer. 😀 And because I want to look fresh and bright without going full-on dewy (pass on the greasy look in the middle of summer), a mattifying cushion compact felt like a safe investment to me. Meet The Face Shop Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion in V103 Pure Beige (PHP 1,095).

The Face Shop Miracle Finish Oil Control Cushion

Quick Specs: 15 g / 0.52oz ; made in Korea


Less flashy and more classy, the frosted plastic lid (black or white, depending on the variant you purchase) and matte gold detail, along with the shiny gold sides of the compact’s body has a more mature look to it as opposed to the cutesy or futuristic designs I’ve been seeing a lot of. Of course, I’m a little concerned that the shiny part will be a scratch magnet, but I’ll take my chances. Also of note is the hygienic sticker seal on the sponge.


Before using my first TFS cushion, I noticed that the previous cushion compacts I’ve tried from Laneige and Etude House had sponges that were on the firmer (Laneige) and rougher (Etude) side. A departure from my usual, all the TFS ones I tested in store had soft, squishy sponges. IMHO, it’s a sound match for the consistency of the formula. I don’t feel like too much gets absorbed into the puff before I have a chance to apply to my face. That being said, the formula is runny but dries up fast into a satin-matte finish, similar in feel to regular liquid foundation. It does tend to cling awkwardly to dry patches and pores (as well as emphasize wrinkles and fine lines when layered with powder), so they weren’t kidding around when they formulated this for oily skin types. There is a mild floral scent that’s a less pronounced version of The Face Shop BB Cream I had before.

Like all the other cushion compacts I’ve tried previously, the coverage is somewhat sheer in the sense that it brightens and corrects some redness, but still requires additional dabs of concealer to deal with blemishes. Let’s put this at light-to-medium coverage as 2 layers already looks like I have foundation on. Color-wise, I think I’m in the middle of V103 Pure Beige and V203 Natural Beige.  V201, Apricot Beige, looks too peach-toned to me. V103 is slightly paler than my NC15/NC20 skin, but I can correct it by setting with powder foundation. (Ugh, still limited shade range, but that’s not a novelty with cushion compacts…) Longevity is at 3-4 hours before shine takes over.

Verdict: Technically, PHP 1,095 isn’t all that cheap for a single compact with no refill cushion. I was just lucky enough to buy during a 1+1 promotion where I was able to get any variant/shade of refill for free. (BTW, I ended up getting the same variant and shade for the sake of consistency.) Because it is oil control and somewhat drying rather than dewy, I plan to use Miracle Finish Oil Control for the more humid days of the summer. But for my combination-dry skin, switching up to a dewier formula by the end of the season might be necessary.


3 thoughts on “The Face Shop Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion

  1. I bought the CC Long-lasting Cushion naman. That one comes with the black-gold cushion case. I’m liking it so far. It diffuses my pores and fine lines really well. Not as matte as I hoped but it’s not too wet-looking. I know they say we shouldn’t rely on our base for SPF, but with SPF 50, I’m ok with leaving out sunblock. I don’t get direct sun exposure from the sun every day anyway.

    • Same here! I skip the sunblock as well, because I’m mostly indoors anyway.

      During the 1+1 promotion, the SA asked if I wanted to change the refill to a different variant. Should’ve tried the cooling or long-lasting pala, so that I could’ve experienced another formula!

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