Muji Eyebrow Pencil

Are there moments where you find yourself looking for something different? Something out of the ordinary? In terms of makeup purchases, I satisfy that little “wanderlust” by switching up beauty brands from time to time. Trendy picks are all well and good, but the basics are not to be missed. And what could get more simple and true than the need to have groomed brows at the very least? Enter the Muji Eyebrow Pencil:

Muji Eyebrow Pencil

Quick Specs: made in Japan

Brow pencils are generally one of the cheapest products offered up by most beauty brands, so it seems like a great entry-level purchase. As with the rest of Muji’s products, the packaging is as plain as it gets, this one looking all the world like a brown coloring pencil that got separated from all the other colors. (Of course, this one has a lid!)

The actual brow product is on the hard and firm side, not releasing so much pigment on a hand/arm swatching session. However, it’s quite a different story when it comes to the brow area. That same firmness distributes just the right amount of pigment without trouble. I can map and fill in light, small strokes, dabbing away at corrections easily. And after having experience with overly waxy, soft pencils that “glob up” in certain parts of the brow to make the hairs stick together all thick and patchy, the Muji Brow Pencil is a shift in the right direction. Quite a no-brained, and I’d even recommend this to beginners.

The shade I have is in brown (an ashy dark brown), and I think they also have a gray variant. As per usual, brow pencils last all day on me, and this is no different.

Verdict: The funny thing is that the initial hand swatch doesn’t give much of an impression, much the same as the aesthetic of the pencil. But after giving it an honest go, it turns out to be one of the more reliable picks from my brow product stash. Looks can be deceiving, but quality doesn’t lie.


5 thoughts on “Muji Eyebrow Pencil

  1. The performance of this sounds quite similar to the Shu Uemura H9 pencil which is my HG. I must prefer a harder pencil – the waxy ones look very unnatural. The Shu one is quite expensive so this is a good alternative.

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