Organic Doctor Rose Otto Eye Serum

Quite unintentional, but it seems like my eye cream choices are taking on the botanical trend. After finishing up a bottle of Nuxe, I’ve embraced the rosy side of things with Organic Doctor Rose Otto Eye Serum (USD 23.99; not available in the Philippines; bought from Vitamin World).

Organic Doctor Organic Rose Otto Eye Serum

Quick Specs: 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz ; made in the UK


Prior to the purchase, I didn’t know much about the brand. I didn’t have any expectations coming in, other than the hopes of getting the basic moisturizing effect and seeing that the list of ingredients looked mild enough. The eye cream is in a see-through plastic tube that has a tapered nozzle for controlled dispensing of product. Said container is lightweight and travel-friendly.

Organic Doctor Rose Eye Serum is quite aptly named, since ‘eye cream’ might conjure up images of rich, greasy emulsions and this is definitely not the case here. The serum has a light, weightless feel, gliding over the under eye skin and eyelids smoothly and fully absorbing within a minute. The finish is satin, looking for all the world like I don’t have any eye moisturizer on. Go ahead and use this under makeup, because the full absorption means your base and color makeup will not be sliding off. I also looove the natural rose scent that I find uplifts my mood.

After light massaging, there an instant brightening to the eye area and a short-lived mild cooling effect. I try not to get too near the rims of the eyes, since I notice that there is the slightest bit of crusting when I wake up the next morning. But this is well within the confines of the normal levels of eye dirt and something I experience with other eye creams as well. I don’t get any tingling or stinging in my eyes when I use this.


Verdict: These light eye creams and serums are my favorite, because I won’t have to skip them in the daytime. Hooray for all-day moisture! Confession: Rose skincare products are definitely growing on me.


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