Ballet Manila Celebrates International Dance Day 2017 With Local Dance Heavyweights

Fun fact: I’m something of a frustrated dancer. It’s water under the bridge now, but I wanted to join dance programs as early as in grade school. Unfortunately, the schedules never lined up with my academics as I had to study with a tutor back then. Except for a brief stint in the first grade as a cheer team member in an intra-school competition, said “dance career” never really took off.

That being said, the experience made me appreciate professional dancers all the more. The dedication to their craft is no walk in the park, and I’m sure that a fair share of them have faced adversities in the name of pursuing that passion. (Injuries, never-ending practice sessions, and going to far-flung places, to name a few.) And so it is important to honor the folks who’ve shared the art of dance with us.

For International Dance Day 2017, Ballet Manila’s Lisa Macuja-Elizalde brought together Gary and Gab Valenciano, The Maneuvers’ Jason and Joshua Zamora, pole dance advocate Ciara Sotto, and celebrity choreographer Nesh Janiola to create a collab video that helps us understand what dance means and why they keep pushing forward. See the video below:

This initiative is spearheaded by Ballet Manila, the country’s premiere classical dance company.