Workshop: Nars Natural High Workshop

When I first started really investing in makeup and skincare, I would sign up for all the free workshops I could find. I marveled at the expert technique and quickly adapted the ones that were suited to my facial features. It also didn’t hurt that these workshops would offer 1-day discounts on products that scarcely went on sale. Fast forward to 2017, and I still find myself occasionally joining workshops to keep up with the trends and tech of the beauty industry. The latest one is the Nars Natural High Workshop with celeb makeup artist, Albert Kurniawan, sharing some of his tricks of the trade.

(See the tips after the jump!)

7 Tips from Nars Artist, Albert Kurniawan:

  1. Use two different primers on the face. It might seem excessive at first, but it particularly makes sense to people with combination skin. A pore refining or mattifying primer will help keep makeup looking fresh on the T-zone, while a radiance primer will be good for bringing out a dewy, moisturized glow on the rest of the face.
  2. Choose concealer based on the weather. A wetter concealer might be ideal for humid weather, whereas a richer, creamier concealer will feel more comfortable and look better in cooler, drier weather.
  3. Slight over-powdering is forgivable. Usually by the time the rest of the face is done, the excess will have already set onto the skin.
  4. Flatten your stilo. For more even wings on a winged eyeliner look, stamp and line with the liquid liner (in pen format) lying on its side. Instant straight line!
  5. Foundation can go as two shades lighter. For acidic skin, those two shades will adjust in time. Give it an hour or two.
  6. Go easy on the nose highlighting. The application of highlighter doesn’t have to span the entire length of the nose. During the demo, Albert only applied an inch-long line to the bridge. It really depends on the shape of your nose.
  7. Brows can make your nose look narrower or wider. Before you even reach for the contour kit, know that it already starts with the way you do your brows. The head of the brows can be filled in towards the center of the face to make the gap between smaller, thus giving the illusion of a narrow nose. Inversely, don’t do too much towards the center, if you have a narrow nose you’d like to broaden.

Hope these tips were helpful. 🙂  Until the next workshop!


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