Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet in Dollish Beige Rose

If you go through my makeup stash, you are sure to find a collection of lipsticks and, to a lesser extent, some liquid lipsticks, glosses, and a couple of lip tints. It will become apparent to you that I still prefer the more traditional delivery system of lip color. And it’s not because I am a purist. It’s just that I’ve always had trouble embracing the experience of other lip makeup. So rarely do I find a formula that isn’t sticky or drying, and I especially hate claims of long-wear lippies.

But let it be known that Peripera Peri’s Ink VelvetΒ in Dollish Beige Rose (PHP 450) is a glorious exception. Thank goodness for yet another case of FOMO.

Peri’s Ink Velvet

Quick Specs: 8 g ; made in Korea

Before we start getting down to business, I’d like to point out that I haven’t tried other Peri’s Tint variants prior to acquiring Peri Ink Velvet. So the descriptions here don’t necessarily reflect the classic Peri’s Tint line as I have no basis of comparison yet.

While browsing for items to include in my haul, I was told by the SA that the Peri’s Tint collection is one of Peripera’s absolute bestsellers. I spotted other bloggers excitedly grabbing theirs, and so I let curiosity get the better of me. Besides, the packaging and color selection are cute enough to warrant a second glance. I ended up selecting the high-demand shade, Dollish Beige Rose. It is a lovely medium coral that initially seems quite bright, but later settles into a gorgeous rosy pink on the pout. (I notice that the Peripera lip tint line tends to have bold or bright colors in general.)

At first, I was confused by the proper application method, coming from the knowledge that lip tints and liquid lipsticks have to be put on in the thinnest possible layers. In this case, the particular formula of Velvet is suited for applying most of whatever is on the doe foot applicator. No need for wiping excess off on a piece of tissue. The grape candy-scented tint has a comfy, creamy, slightly whipped texture. That same texture helps with smoothing lip lines. And, yes, it does have a velvety feel.

Swatched; after the top layer was wiped off

So let’s talk longevity! After wearing this for about two weeks, I’ve learned little tricks to get the most wear. During my in-store swatching, I was amazed by how the stain that was left on the back of my hand stayed there for about two days. On the mouth is a different story. Because lips are moist on the inner part, the Peripera tint has to stay undisturbed for at least 30 minutes for the hot pink stain to sink in. Once it has settled, the airy mousse part of the lipstick transfers like any other lippie with eating and drinking, but it leaves behind a subtle, pinkish stain on my naturally pigmented lips. (The natural coloring of the lips tempers the hotness of the pink!)

Stain peeking out after eating and drinking

Verdict: I love mine, and some itty-bitty part of me regrets not getting more than one during the event as there was a buy-1-take-discount on the second Peripera Ink Velvet. It’s like I’m stepping out of my comfort zone (regular lipstick), but in a most comfortable way.

*I got this product free of charge from attending a Club Clio event for Project Vanity. I was not otherwise paid or compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


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